Getting fit, the INSANE-way!

Hi lovelies! 

How is everyone doing today? Gosh it is March already, time goes by so fast! 
At this moment I am really trying to be fit as soon as possible, but unfortunately my knee got a little bit overstretched a few workouts ago so after a two days break I hope to start again today in a somewhat careful way. 

At this point I am ready to start with my last week of phase 1 of INSANITY. It’s going to be a week with six of the same workouts everyday… 

I must say that at this point I am really getting tired of working out everyday… On somedays it really is not possible to find the right time for the workout. But well, I do still feel the motivation to finish the programm and I am actually almost halfway! 

Concerning the progress of getting fit I really feel that I can breath better during the workouts, I can really participate the whole time now without being out of breath as before haha and I have noticed that the way I do the excersises is a lot better! So in that way my body is definately getting more fit and more in shape. What I don’t see, yet, is the changes in my body. I do think my stomach is getting a little bit more flat and I got some more abs but my waist has not changed a bit I think… Maybe the before and after photo’s will show otherwise, I really hope so!!

We will see in a few weeks!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

INSANITY progress ;)

Yesterday I finished week 3 of the INSANITY programm, and damn… this sh*t is INSANE ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do am very proud of the fact that I did make  it  so far already, but I still have a pretty insane road of insanity days ahead of me! 

So this is my progress so far:

Tomorrow I will be doing, as you can see the Cardio Power & Resistance work-out, than I still am two days behind on schedule which I really hate because this feels like a half failure… And therefore on friday I will be doing two workouts on one day. According to the schedule that will be meaning, the Plyometric Cardio Circuit in the morning and the Cardio Recovery in the afternoon / evening. I guess that will be a very rough day, but, for a matter of fact I did it once before. Last week I had a day in which I did Cardio Recovery in the morning and Cardio Power and Resistance in the evening. This went quite well! So we’ll see…

Last week had it’s ups and downs, some workouts went really well and others didnt… Besides that I have been a little bit sick for two days which gave me this problem with being behind on schedule… 

Well, this is it for this week about my INSANITY workout progress, will keep you updated again next week!

Now, bedtime! More posts tomorrow!

Sweet dreams, Sarandipity

Getting healthy and fitt

Hello dear readers and followers,

Today I have to do my second fittest from the INSANITY programm by Shaun T. As I am doing quite well with the daily workouts I thought: “Why not share my progress with you all and keep myself motivated by blogging about it?!” … So, that’s what I am going to do from now on! Not daily, but after finishing every week I will give you guys and girls a quick review of the past week and how it went. 

Yesterday I finished week 2 and I must say, during week 2 I had a little bit of a dip on wednesday. For me personally the warming up is the hardest because of the buttkicks and the highknees. Luckily yesterday went pretty good and I can allmost keep up the whole pure cardio workout!

So far I am on this point of the whole INSANITY programm: 

As you can see I will be doing two things today, because I am behind one day! So in an hour I will be doing the fit test (to see my progress since week 1… I am excited!) and at the end of the day I will be doing the Plyometric Cardio Circuit workout… 

Wish me luck for today!!

xoxo Sarandipity