RECAP: Best of 2013


Hi lovely followers,

Tonight it’s New Years Eve and at certain moments like these we look back at what we have achieved during the last year. 2013 has been a great year for me! While 2012 was a magnificent year as well, thanks to my trip to Indonesia, 2013 maybe has been even better! ๐Ÿ˜€

One of the most important highlights from 2013 was the growth of my blog! Started from the bottom (hihi) and looking back I have achieved so much within a year! My blog now has around 350 followers both on GFC and Bloglovin’ and more than 500 likes on facebook (WOW!! Thank you guys so much for your support!). In May I went to my first ever blogging event, which was from the Coolcat and I got to meet some amazing well-known Dutch bloggers for the first time!! After that I even went to Amsterdam Fashion Week and I got invited for one of the biggest PR events! But my most amazing blog experience last year has been shooting the Christmas video, still haven’t seen it? Shame on you, go watch it right now before the Christmas spirit is gone haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

But that’s not all, I graduated as a Applied Psychologist, went on a challenging vacation to Norway, had some nice co-operations for my blog, won a lot of cool stuff (before this year I have won absolutely NOT ONE competition or giveaway haha) and I have met a lot of cool and awesome people whom I hope are going to stick around for another couple of years!! 

Check out some of my highlights in pictures (above you can see some of the outfits I wore during 2013, which is your favorite??) 

Have a lovely NYE and I’ll see you guys in 2014!!

My first bloggers event!!

Graduated as an Applied Psychologist!!

Amsterdam Fashion Week! 

The BIG U, PR event at Unlimited PR

Making the ilovefashionbloggers Christmas video!!

As you can see I have had an A-MA-ZING 2013!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course I hope you had an amazing 2013 as well! 

2014 is going to be completely awesome, I am sure of it! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

ilovefashionbloggers Christmas Video!!


Dearest followers,

Last week I announced the secret Christmas Blogger project I was working on last monday. And now the result is finally here!! We had an amazing time filming as I told you before and I am so grateful for knowing these lovely ladies!! Thanks girls, you all are wonderful and made 2013 extra cool! Haha I sound sentimental I think but it’s true, I love these girls!! 

A little bit more about the video, we filmed at Het Grachtenhuis in Amsterdam, an amazing fairytale location with a HUGE Christmas Tree and a very cool old fire place! Thanks to a lot of planning and organizing from all of us this video became a success and I am so happy with the result! 

Virgit Canaz from
Sonja Vogel from
Sharon Teeuwen from
Nathalie Kemna from
Iris Dijkers from
Wendy van Soest from

Special thanks to the film crew Aahmek and Ali from BDMNR, Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers, Vivian from BloggerNet for arranging the lovely location (Het Grachtenhuistogether with Belmonte EventsWorking together as a team made this all possible! 

Of course I hope you guys like the video as well so do let me know in a comment what you think! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Happy Holidays everyone!!

Personal: my life as a Fashionblogger


Hi guys! 

Today I am sharing this video from you! When ilovefashionbloggers asked me to try out their new concept, the video columns, I was very honored to be one of the first bloggers to try and I said yes (of course!!)

In the video I tell you a bit more about myself, where I live etc. You can also see my cute little closet, the piece I can’t live without and I tell you the one item that’s one top of my wishlist! I personally am very happy with the result, I am just being me (very extrovert and talkative haha) and it represents me and my style very well! Thanks to my boyfriend for helping me film this and thank you so much to Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers for this cool opportunity!

Since we (my boyfriend and I) had a lot of fun recording this video I will be making more video’s and I will even publish the uncut version somewhere in the near future! For now don’t forget to follow me on my ilovefashionbloggers profile and give me 5 hearts! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a nice day everyone! Ciao!!

#Christmas Blogger Project: Behind the scenes!


Hi all!

Last monday I went to Amsterdam in the late afternoon for something very exciting! I am not going to tell you much about it yet… But I can tell you this; I made a very cool video together with a couple of other Dutch fashionbloggers (Nathalie, Iris, Virgit, Sharon, Sonja and Wendy) on an awesome location! Lovely Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers and sweet Vivian from BloggerNet helped us a lot, thank you guys so much! We definitely could not have done this without them! 

Well just check out this behind the scenes shots and above all, stay tuned!! 
For more pictures check out my facebook page and my instagram account!


Event: Bloggers Network Borrel with ilovefashionbloggers


fashion fashionblog fashionblogger sarandipity ilovefashionbloggers event blogandthecity

Hi everyone,

Last Wednesday I went to Amsterdam in the evening for a lovely meet-up with fellow bloggers, the girls from ilovefashionbloggers and Blog and the City. The meet-up was in BAUT a nice urban-feel restaurant / cafรฉ! 

I already knew most of the people at the event, but it was nice to just have fun with them and talk to them in a slight other fashion than on a PR event. Also I met some nice bloggers which I did not know beforehand and we all had a lot of fun with each other! The ‘borrel’ was very well organized and we made some fun pictures, which you might have seen on Instagram this week. I also enjoyed finally meeting Jolique with whom I have already had a lot of email contact! I love her view on fashionbloggers and the reason why she set up ilovefashionbloggers!

We even made a funny congratulations video for ilovefashionbloggers since they have hit the 60k likes on Facebook, that’s HUGE! I hope you like the photos and the video! And don’t forget to check out my profile on ilovefashionbloggers and give me a rating!

For now, happy saturday! xo

fashion fashionblog fashionblogger sarandipity ilovefashionbloggers event blogandthecity

fashion fashionblog fashionblogger sarandipity ilovefashionbloggers event blogandthecity

fashion fashionblog fashionblogger sarandipity ilovefashionbloggers event blogandthecity