How to rock: the Sandal trend

TEVA ootd outfit blogger fashion trend sandals

Hi guys,

So today I want to introduce a new thing, again! This time an How to Guide. In these blogpost I will tell you a bit more about a trend that might be difficult to fit in your wardrobe, something that might be a little bit hard to style. I will also show you some examples of other bloggers / celebs and I will end with some tips.

I am kicking of this new topic with a trend I personally don’t like that much, the Sandal trend.

Sandals are apparently super hot since they were to be seen in many fashion shows for this season. And so I even committed to this comfy footwear trend. Although I already loved my Birkenstocks, mainly for the comfort, I decided to team up with TEVA for the real, true sandal feel.

To be honest I never wore sandals like these before, not even when I was a kid since even my parents sort of hated sandals haha. Luckily these ones look cute! But more on my own way of styling these sandals later.

Read on for styling tips and some styling examples 🙂


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