Take the jump – Outfit post


Ciao dearies,

Sometimes in life you just have to take a jump. Taking the jump to starting something new, take the jump to go on a trip around the world. Sometimes you should just go for something and figure out on the way whether it is working out the way you hoped, or not.

At some points in my life I could have jumped, but I didn’t. I did not apply for some jobs because I knew for sure they would never hire me since I was already 23. And when I did take the jump, on advice from one of my best blogger friends Dagmar, it turned out amazing! I got the job and in no time I worked at one of my favorite stores. But I regret that I just now, a couple months ago, took the jump. Because at this point, I have lost this job due to circumstances (no I did not get fired ;)).

Regret gets me nowhere though and so I am starting to focusing on the good things. And in the end I am happy I took this jump! I learned a lot in a fairly short amount of time, I had some amazing moments, was part of a store opening, was there when some special collections launched and well I just had some really cool colleagues.

While job hunting is not something that I want to do, I need to. But being on the hunt for a new dreamjob does also mean that I might take another jump. I don’t want to make excuses for not jumping anymore. I just want to do it and try it out! So soon I am going to make an appointment with the chamber of commerce and I will figure out how I can pursue my dreams. Hopefully to find out that with some help and advice it can work out the way I hope it will!

In this pictures I am wearing everything (jumpsuit, scarf and heels) from H&M except for the jacket which is from Primark, bag via Urban Outfitters, IKKI watch and Pandora bracelet.


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Dressing up for pressdays – Outfit preview


Ciao dearies,

Right now I am on my way to Amsterdam to visit press agencies again! It is always so weird to be looking at summer collections while winter is slowly kicking in, but it is also something very special.

Before I leave home I wanted to share a sneak outfit preview of an upcoming look with you all. I try to always dress up a bit when I go to Amsterdam for an event or press day. I try to look my  best, look approachable but I also wear something that makes me feel good. Since I tend to do a lot of networking during these events I want to feel confident and happy so I can talk to people easier and show them who I am.

Last week I wore a H&M jumpsuit and very fluffy H&M scarf while visiting press days and today I am going for a more casual look… 🙂 Can’t wait to show you more shots but I need to run now!

Have a lovely day!


HM & Sarandipity Loves Rotterdam – Outfit post


Ciao ragazzi, buona sera!

After a busy day of visiting 5 press agencies and shooting a new look with my blogger babe Britt I can finally show you the full look I was wearing to the HMLovesRotterdam VIP opening party. As an employee of H&M and as a big fan of HM I decided to go for an all H&M outfit, of course! 😉

This is actually almost the same look as the look with this knitted sweater in the H&M Magazines, but I decided to spice things up a bit by wearing my Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers to make the chic / college style look somewhat more sporty and casual. Which is also a bit more me than a full college style look.

We were very lucky with the weather this day and these pictures turned out amazing! As a former Rotterdam-girl I love this town and it always feels a bit like coming home. Which is quiet strange since I never felt at home in the Rotterdam atmosphere when I still lived there. Maybe the city just goes a little bit too fast for me… But sometimes it is good to run for a train and catch it while it is already leaving the platform. Jumping on a moving train is a good way to get a head start when it comes to making changes for the better.  Right now I am starting with some very cool new projects like writing for modelboard.com and trying to make a living out of my blog. Yes some really cool things are coming up I think and I am pursuing my dreams, finally! 🙂

I am wearing; Knitted sweater, white oversized blouse and faux-leather pants – All H&M, necklace – Primark and sneakers – NIKE.

Let me know what you think of this look and if you have any tips for starting up my own company you are welcome to share these as well!

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Outfit sneak peek – H&M party

fashion-blogger-outfit sneak peek-outfit-ootd fashion-blogger-outfit sneak peek-ootd2

Ciao ragazzi,

After a long week of working long days and making some money I am back to blogging again! This next two weeks I will do a lot of blog related stuff like visiting some PR agencies to see the new collections and besides that I have a lot of new looks to shoot!

Later today, some where in the evening, I will show you this full look. But for now it will only be this little outfit sneak peek. It was the look I was wearing to the H&M VIP opening party and of course I am wearing a lot of H&M in this look.

Can’t wait to show you more gorgeous and fun pictures I made with my blogger babe! For now, enjoy this little sneak peek and let me know whether you are curious about the other pictures or not 😉


H&M loves Rotterdam!

HMlovesRotterdam VIP openening H&M

Ciao ragazzi,

Yesterday evening I went to one hell of a party in my former ‘hometown’ Rotterdam. Tomorrow morning at 10AM the biggest H&M of Europe is opening in the ‘koopgoot’ and yesterday we had a very big VIP press preview together with a lot of BN’ers, fashion addicts, bloggers and H&M lovers!

With blogger babe Britt I went to Rotterdam earlier to do some outfit shooting and to check out the new Markthal in the city (which is huge and super pretty!). Around 19:30 we went to the huge flagship store and immediately I was amazed by the size of the flagship store. WOW, it was just incredibly big haha.

You can check out some of the photos that have been shared with the #HMLovesRotterdam hashtag from employees to bloggers like Joyce from JustLikeSushi, RotterdamStreetstyle_official, Irene van Guin and Laura Boogers from thenewgirlintown! Including our (me, AnneSolveig & Dagmars) super cool wristbands on the middle photo on the right hihi.

Since the event was so much fun I forgot to make a lot of pictures myself haha so I borrowed some pictures from other bloggers (with permission of course) and from H&M itself!

Check out some more photos and let me know what you think! For me it was pretty clear that H&M really loves Rotterdam hihi <3

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