Instagram Weekly #31


Just before I go to bed it is time for the latest Instagram Weekly! Last week was not really superb or something haha, I went swimming, have been doing some job searching, and most of the other time I have spend chilling in my home and in the sun on my balcony 😉 So a short post this time, from left to right, top to bottom!

1. Amazing H&M skirt! Unfortunately not available anymore in the online shop but maybe I am going to look for it tomorrow! I really love the print, so for me it is a musthave! <3
2. Featured in Fashionista Magazine about a nice weekend in Milano which turned out not so great because my wallet was stolen ..
3. Crazy selfie, wearing my Monki Bandeau top, it was soooo hot in the apartment.
4. Sharing my discountcode also on Instagram, the discount is actually pretty huge!! Check out my last blogpost! 
5. Throwback Saturday, this was in Bali at a lovely Hindu Temple! How do I look in a maxi skirt from a sarong? 😉
6. Detail photos from the AFW: Nata Ryzh show and blogpost! If you are curious, check it out!

I hope you liked this short Instagram Weekly! More next week! xoxo

Frydays, personalized sunglasses!


Challenge the rules, don’t be tamed, be in control, powered by freedom! 

Frydays is a unique sunglasses concept with fully customizable sunglasses. Four different types of fronts and the 13 different colors for the frame and the arms, let’s you make endless variations! While designing I even found out that the color of the glass changes with the color you pick for the front! The glass colors are black, brown and green-ish. If you normally wear glasses, you can even adjust the Polaroid glass to your glasses prescription! Besides the option of buying a full customized pair of sunglasses you can also order another front, or extra arms. This way you can change your personalized sunglasses daily! That is great right?! 

So I made some designs, and I really am in love with some of these, so for sure I am going to order one or two pairs very soon! My favorite fronts are the wayfarer shaped glasses and the huge round glasses! Why don’t you go make some designs yourself? Check out for more information and start designing!

If you are interested in buying a pair of glasses, I managed to get you all a discount code! 
Use the code: Sarandipity on your check-out to get a €10 discount on total sunglasses (from €79 for €69), or fronts (from €59 for €49). And a €5 discount on arms (from €25 for €20) 

Are you going to order one of these beauties?? If yes, please show me your design! 

Ciao, Saranda