Event: Nelly High Heels in Eindhoven

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Hi everyone,

Last Friday I was invited to join the Nelly High Heels party in my own city Eindhoven. I had already heard and read good things about this party so when Styletoday.nl asked me to make a report on the evening of course I said yes! With my camera, iPhone, high heels (naturally) and party mode on I hopped on my bike and went to cafe Thomas. (Although I had some problems with my DSLR settings my iPhone worked perfectly, yay!)

When I arrived at cafe Thomas I was super happy that I didn’t had to stand in the line, since the line of people waiting outside was HUGE. A lot of people wanted to be early since the first 100 visitors would not only get a free pair of Nelly shoes, they also would get an enormous goodiebag! Everyone from the first 100 visitors made a top three of their favorite Nelly heels and within 2 to 5 weeks these heels will be delivered. My first choice? The heels you can see above, not super high but this looks just like a perfect shoe to me! I need it hihi.

Around 21:30 the lucky 100 could start to make their top 3’s,  later when everyone was inside Fred van Leer (the most cool and funny stylist from the Netherlands imho) told us about the prices everyone could win, how everything worked and of course he told everyone to have fun and dance the night away. The assignment was to make a cool picture which showed your love for high heels (I immediately was busy being creative, making cool pictures and editing them on my phone haha) but unfortunately the connection was not so good. Finally Fred van Leer decided to draw three names out of a bowl. The prices you could win? Sopping money at Nelly €120 or €60, or a SONY smart lens for your iPhone. Of course the lucky winners where very happy with their price!

The party was super fun and everything was very well organized. There even was a chocolat fondue where you could dip in marshmallows or biscuits, yumm ^^

Well let’s just take a look at my pictures shall we?

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