Fall Musthaves

fall musthaves fashion white sneakers

Ciao loves,

With a lot of rainy days lately and lesser temperatures than we have been getting used to this past summer, fall seems to be right around the corner. However we still have more than a month of official summer left…. Ah well, with these fall musthaves I am sure you won’t be dreading upcoming fall. With more than 5 amazing trends, which I told you about last week, there are more than enough amazing clothes to create the perfect fall wardrobe!

Today I am telling you a bit about some of my fall musthaves. Items that, in my humble opinion, can not be missing from your fall wardrobe and items that will make your fall sparkle with happiness, comfort and style!

One of the big musthaves is a pair of all white or all black sneakers. You’ll find a lot of all black / white sneakers here… for example these amazing Nike Airmax! I totally fell in love with these and they are on top of my fall wishlist <3

Read on for the other fall musthaves 🙂


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Musthave of the month: December


Hi everyone,

It’s getting colder outside and in some places in the Netherlands it has already been snowing! So it is time for a new musthave of the month! While a lot of people don’t like these warm & furry friends, the other half seems to LOVE them… I am talking about UGG’s! 

I personally love them, they are so comfy and perfect during the winter! I can assure you, you won’t have cold feet ever again! By the way I do also understand why some people don’t like them. They can look quite massive on your feet sometimes, which does not look very fashionable. But hey, comfort is also something very important, certainly during the winter when it is snowing or freezing outside!

The ones you can see above are some of my favorites! At the moment I already have a very old pair of the Chestnut Bailey Buttons (the middle one) and I also have the UGG Classic Mini in black personalized with Swarovski. I really like the left and right UGG’s, the design looks a bit more luxurious and fashionable than the standard colored Classic Mini’s and Classics. For the Dutchies reading this, I saw on Rowan’s blog (Red Reiding Hood) that the UGG’s on the right are exclusive at van den Assem and that they are available with discount at the moment! Go get them, right now! 😉 

What do you think of UGG’s? Let me know in a comment! Ciao!!

The perfect winter coat (from Coolcat)


varsity parka leatherjacket jacket coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipity favorites

Hi lovely followers,

I always have trouble finding a perfect coat for the winter. But this season I was lucky and I actually have 2 new winter coats (one of them I showed you already in a new in blogpost a week or something ago)! The other coat I have is from the Coolcat! Coolcat has a new winter collection with some great winter coats, a lot of different styles, colors. Well, they have coats for everybody! In this blogpost I will show you some of my favorites and of course also the coat I actually have! 

By the way, at the moment there is 20% discount on all the winter coats Coolcat sells!
Visit www.Coolcat.nl for more information and to check out all of the other winter coats.


Coolcat really surprised me with their winter coats! Normally I really have a hard time finding one that I really like, but when I checked out the Coolcat website I had a couple of favorites. I actually had a hardtime choosing this time haha. 

At the end I went for this one, it is perfect for the fall (maybe a little too cold for when it is snowing), I really like the quilted design, the golden details, the diagonal zipper and the neckline:

leatherjacket jacker fakeleather leatherlook coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipity

You can buy the coat I have HERE. 

From the somewhat longer coats I really liked the ones below. The first one is really girly where the second one is kinda edgy. I didn’t go for these two because the Supertrash coat already is somewhat longer as well so it looked a little bit more useful to go for a shorter coat haha. I do really like these two and the second one was also second in line on my wishlist.
coat coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipity

You can buy these coats HERE & HERE.

Last but definitely not least I also really liked the Varsity jacket and Parka-style coat in the picture below. But I just did not know on what occasions I would wear these coats or how I would combine them with my current wardrobe. 
varsity parka coolcat wintercoats fashion shopping fashionblogger fashionblog sarandipityYou can buy these coats HERE & HERE.

Which one of these coats do you like best and would you want to wear??
Let me know in a comment!

Trend report: Clash of the Tartans

Clash of the tartans

From today I would like to start with sharing my trend reports in a more creative way! I love being busy making collages (online and offline) and Polyvore for me is a great way to do so! 

By making this collage and sharing it with you on my blog I am showing you the trend (in this case obviously Tartan ;)), some cool tartan items, and a little bit of a how to wear by the shown examples in the collage. You can check my Polyvore board for more info about the items shown above!! I really love the Tartan trend, mostly the wine red / blue or green / blue printed items! But, confession, I have zero Tartan printed items at the moment. So I have some shopping to do haha. 

How do you like this new form of trend reports? Do you have other suggestions? And, what is your favorite Tartan item, any suggestion on what I should buy?? Leave me a comment 🙂

I really hope you liked this late night blogpost! Sweet dreams!

Trend report: Rain boots!


Burberry studded rainboots & Kate Spade rainboots

Hi everyone,

With fall coming up soon, rain boots are hot! Remember those horrifying things you wore as a child? Well no more of that, rain boots are stylish and very trendy! They even come in all shapes and styles (over knees, ridingboots, ankle boots) and in a lot of different colors as well!

To prepare myself a bit for the rain and to help you find some cool rain boots, I put together this little trend report with some cool rain boots! I am sure you will love one or more of the ones I will show you!     


Before I am going to show you some of my favorites, this pair below will definitely be mine! These Quiltedrainboots in black are from SuperTrash and are available here.

The boots below are a bit more, well, out there… if you know what I mean 😉 
I really like these boots but I would probably not wear them as soon as the black SuperTrash beauties above 🙂 

You can buy the boots, shown below, here and here!

I also reallt like the rainboots by Hunter, Hunter really seems like an upcoming brand, I am seeing their rainboots more often with every day! Personally I really like the Original Colorblocking rainboots, available here.

I also really like this classic British rain boots by Burberry, available here.

Last but not least, if I will get a job soon, I think I will also buy these lace beauties from SuperTrash, very cute and stylish and such a nice design! Available here 🙂

What is your favorite pair of rain boots? 🙂