Got 2love Tony Cohen – Outfit post

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Hi dearies!

Last week I shot this beautiful casual pantalon from 2love Tony Cohen! I already had this beautiful pants for a while now but last week I finally had the time to make new OOTD pictures together with Mayk ^^

When I saw this pantalon in the Zalando sale I immediatly had an idea about how to style this pants. Jetset (once a journalistic term for rich people in the 50’s, 60’s that partied and went to big social events all around the world)!  Jetset was the style and feeling that popped into my head and I just could not let go of this idea.

And so I styled this pantalo from 2love Tony Cohen in a minimalistic, chic look with a little bit of a luxurious touch.

Right now I am busy a lot, brainstorming about my fashion style. I noticed  I am having a lot of cool items which are just not easy to combine sometimes. I can tell you, thats not the way it should be… At least not for me. So I am thinking of maybe getting more straight what my style is. Including making a list of musthave basics and special items, making a style collage and doing some shopping afterwards! One of the things I am quiet sure about is that I want my style to be feminine, chic, fierce and a bit sexy.

With this look I am trying to move toward this a little bit 🙂

I am wearing a pantalon from 2love Tony Cohen, top H&M, jewelry FabMe jewelry, gifted and watch from Fossil, bag from Tosca Blu and heels H&M.

This blogger is super curious to find out your opinion about this look! So just leave me a comment! 🙂

Ciao dearies!

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Sporty sweets – Outfit post


Hi dearies,

It’s Saturday so time to show you lovely followers a new outfit post! I already have this skirt for a while but I had some trouble styling it. I felt like the shape of the skirt did not really do my figure any justice or something. But then I saw my secret wedge sneakers from Nike and I thought, why not try out another sporty look?! I felt so comfy and happy with my previous sporty look

So in the end I paired up my soft and sweet skirt with my favorite sneakers and a simple VOGUE tee. For the small details like my jewelry I decided to go for gold this time since this is a color that pops more with a soft look like this.  These pretty 3D jewelry items give this sporty look a little bit of a sweet touch, which I really love.

This outfit really made me feel girly and sporty, normally I think I would not wear something like this very quickly. Most of the times I feel more for outfits that has a little bit more edge to it and looks with more power…

I am wearing: Vogue ‘art of fashion’ tee / Zara midi skirt / Nike dunk sky high sneakers / FabMe 3D jewelry necklace and earrings / Fossil watch

What I would love to hear what you think of this outfit, and how would you style this skirt? For example would you style it in a preppy way or would you go for a more glam rock chic outfit? Let me know in a comment!! I must say that right now I am thinking of styling it like Sandy as a pink lady from Grease hihi ^^ That’s way too sweet for me though… 😉

Enjoy your Saturday dearies!!


Feeling sky high – Outfit post


fashion blog portret baby blue blouse primark pastels fabmejewelry

Hi lovely followers,

Sorry for my little absence but I am super busy with finding my dream job (more about that later) and so I sometimes feel a bit to tired to blog. But I will try to keep you guys updated a little better, I promise!

Today I want to show you an outfit with a pair of shoes that were on my wishlist for a very long time… I finally got my white Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers and I adore them! They are the perfect sneakers for a small girl like me who loves to wear heels and love to wear sneakers as well haha 😉 

Although the look is pretty basic and very casual I think the secret wedge sneakers and the jewelry give this look that little bit extra which it needed. Accessories can always upgrade an outfit if you ask me and sometimes all it takes is a nice necklace.

In these photos I am wearing my new Nike Dunk Sky High sneakers, ONLY distressed jeans, Primark blouse, necklace and golden earrings from FabMe Jewelry (#spon), gifted pearl earrings and my Fossil watch. 

What do you guys think of this look? 

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Light and grey – Outfit post


fashion fabmejewelry blogger outfit

Hi dearest followers,

So glad I am back to blogging again. Last week I have been super busy with work and I actually got stressed out a bit so that’s why you did not see a lot of new updates this week.

Fashion blogging is such a big part of me and it’s such a relieve that I have energy again to blog! 
Today I am going to my family ‘in law’ and I will be doing some last promotional things for the event I am organizing for my job. I am kinda nervous for the event already but I am certain it will be pretty cool. 

Now about the look I am showing you today. This is a very casual look and perfect for the in between seasons like spring and fall. Light colors, layered and a very comfy long coat. I really love this coat from Patrizia Pepe (which I have borrowed for the pictures from Kelly) and the jewelry. I got this jewelry from the brand FabMe jewelry. The cool thing is, all their jewelry is 3D printed, super awesome!

Besides the Patrizia Pepe coat and the FabMe jewelry I am wearing a cropped knit from H&M, distressed jeans from Only and heels from H&M. 

What do you guys think of this look? 

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