Event: Daring Designers the Catwalk Edition

Hi all, 

Last week I have been to an informative event with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton-Kandy! The event was about runway shows and everything that has to do with these shows! 

Auteur Jorinde Tenten, via Pakhuis de Zwijger

A couple of famous Dutch fashion people, like the big boss from Amsterdam Fashion week Carlo Wijnands,the great fashion photographer Peter Stigter, the designer Claes Iversen and the creative manager behind iNDiViDUALS (made by students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute), where there to tell us and aspiring designers all about this. 

The event was at Pakhuis de Zwijger, a nice building next to het IJ, the big ass river in Amsterdam. The location was nice and everything was very well organized. 

Read on to learn a bit about what you need to know about runwayshows!


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Auteur Jorinde Tenten, via Pakhuis de Zwijger
As I said we where told (almost) everything that had to do with runway shows! Getting ready for the runwayshow and trying to make the runwayshow perfect is not only about fashion. You have to work with different disciplines to get the most out of the show! 

For example you will work with DJ’s or producers who will make a personalized tune for the runwayshow. And this actually is very, very important! The music in combination with the fashion, lights, environment makes or breaks the show. The music has to be just perfect, not to loud, not to wild, the music can not overrule the runway show, it has to represent the collection and let the collection come to life.

So, there has to be a match with the collection from the designer and the music, lights and the environment.

Some tips for designers to be: watch a lot of shows to get inspired, take your time, keep the collection and everything concerning the runwayshow in your own style and work with your guts. Said Joost van Bellen and Sander Stenger.

Claes Iversen told us to build the collection from the story you want to tell, and to communicatie very well with the team you are working with. Communication is all y’all. 

Kim Vos and Max Hitipeuw talked about the models, catwalk training and the choreo for the show. Individuals creative manager Peter Lefereing told us about how the collections from the students are produced, how the project for the students goes, and how they come up with a theme for the collection. For example the collection Jewels which was kind of dark and about the emotion the students felt. 

Concerning catwalk and fashion photography, one of the items I was the most interested in, Peter Stigter told us that the photographer always has to have a good moment. I think this can be really a challenge if I recall my own runway photography skills at Mode Feestje last two months ago haha. Peter stigter also told us about the difference between streetstyle photography (very international, trends, special or outstanding outfits) and frontrow photography. He also mentioned celebs as the face behind a collection, publicity for designers and brands and that runwayshows are actually just a way of marketing.

Event: Glamour in the City

Hi lovelies,

Last week I went to such an amazing event in Zoetermeer, South Holland. And I really had the time of my live! The evening in short was a blast of fun and had a nice touch of glamour. The location was fabulous and had a red carpet, there was a short photoshoot at the entrance, you could shop till you drop in the pop up stores and as the main item there was a glamour bingo with the most amazing prices!

At the event I also meeted up with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton-Kandy, it was great to meet her again! It is just so fun to hang out with likewise people, people who understand what blogging is about and that it is not the easiest job / hobby at the beginning.

Click on read more for to whole story and more pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Glamour in the City flyer
Hotel/Restaurant SNIEP.NL

The show was hosted by Tabitha a very talented, funny and glamorous person which made us laugh a lot! Thanks Tabitha for the great fun on this evening! Tabitha also set the rules for the bingo. For example when two people had a bingo there could be a blindfolded lipstick or make-up challenge. Tabitha also told us everything there was to know about the prices! 

Some of the prices that could be won were a birking-it-bag in neon yellow, a goodiebag full of love toys, different jewelry prices, a BaByliss straightening iron, a goodiebag from perfume store MOOI (which means beautiful) with a Hugo Boss perfume in it, tickets to a wellness center and a night at the bridal suite in Hotel / Restaurant Sniep (the location of the Glamour in the City bingo).

Besides the bingo we could also win prices by participating in the Glamour quiz! I had the idea I did pretty well but there was this question about Doutzen Kroes I didn’t know haha. And apparently, scrub for your nails does exist haha. Too bad, because with the quiz you could win a VIP arrangement at the Wellness center! Maybe I will be lucky at the next Glamour in the City bingo!!! 

At the pop up stores I really saw some lovely items, for example shirts from My Brand, some great bags with amazing details, lovely jewelry and more! 
At the end of the evening we even got a great goodiebag with yes, goodies! Different things were in the goodiebag such as a Burberry the Beat giftset, GLAMOUR magazine, tickets to the Elysium Wellness Center, Argan Oil from BaByliss and some more great stuff like a free beautyschool arrangement including a โ‚ฌ7,50 voucher to spend at the perfume store! 

I really loved this event and I think for the first edition everything went very well and was well organized! For my dutch fellow bloggers and followers, check out the Glamour in the city facebook to stay up to date and maybe I will see you all at the next Glamour in the city event?! 


Saranda @ Sarandipity

Fashionparty or in dutch: Mode Feestje

Good afternoon sweet followers,

I am sorry for not posting these last few days but I have been so busy and I actually don’t have a tablet or something so I can post and write everywhere I am… Hopefully soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

On friday evening I went to this cool event I was invited for, so cool and weird to say you are press haha.
But I think I can get used to it!

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So about the event…

The event has a very new concept, I have never seen anything like it I must say! The event is called Mode feestje, so it’s a party where everything is about fashion. The evening started with a welcome word from the hosts and a short explanation about the evening and the program. First there would be a short performance of a new breaking through girlsgroup called Sway. They become known in Holland thanks to the talent show X-Factor. After the performance the fashionshow started, the clothes you could buy on the evening where shown by diverse models. They clothes shown were very also very diverse, from chique cocktail dresses to short cocktail dresses, jumpsuits and more. Everyone started shooting pictures and I actually was wondering for a moment if everyone was press haha. 

 Some shots from the fashionshow:

After the fashionshow it was time to shop! All the ladies present raced to the clothing racks and started searching for that one item they saw during the fashionshow! I definitely saw some lovely items I wanted to have but hey, shooting pictures was my job at that moment and I actually have an empty wallet…. Sooo sad haha. 

The idea behind the event, shopping should be like a party, definitely works and I think the concept is great. I do think, since the event is fairly new there are some things that can be better. For example I heard someone saying there were no XS sizes. Personally I think the location for the event was lovely, it suited the event, made it very chique! Hopefully there will soon be another edition which of course I will try to visit again! I am very curious too see this event grow and evolve in Holland and maybe at a point even behond. The event has great potential to become one of the must-visit-events in Holland!