Sarandipity on the road: Pressdays

Ganbaroo pressdays fashion blog style love stories dennis diem

At the Ganbaroo showroom

TGIF, happy Friday lovely followers!

Last week has been pretty hectic and so I have been running around from home to Amsterdam and back again. Strolling around Amsterdam for two whole days on Tuesday and Thursday, but boy I had some fun!

This past week it was time for the PR madness with all the PR showrooms having their pressdays. I always love seeing the new collections for upcoming season and make some pictures of items I really like. It’s also great to finally meet the people behind the email contact 😉

Of course I don’t want to spill too much beans but what I noticed for the upcoming Fall/Winter seasons where lots of knitted items. And, most important to me, pastels are here to stay, even during the next fall/winter season, yay! 😀

The first showroom I went to was the showroom from Ganbaroo (photo above). I saw a gorgeous piece from Dennis Diem, tried out the SLA teabar, pretty clutch and belts, gorgeous lingerie from Love Stories, a selfie and some gorgeous embellished garments.

Curious to see and read more?

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PS: Doe je al mee met mijn winactie in samenwerking met Treatwell?

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Event: Primark opening in Nijmegen


primark nijmegen press opening

Hi there!

Last week I was present at the opening of the Primark in Nijmegen. I woke up super (read: SUPER) early to go to Nijmegen since it would be a pretty long travelling time from my home. Although it was early I was wide awake and feeling excited! I was going to see a lot of friends and I knew I would have a very yummy breakfast as soon as I was in Nijmegen. But the most amazing thing of these openings? Everything is still where it should be, the store is clean, organized, a true shopping walhalla!

Around 9 o’clock I arrived at the destination and together with some lovely friends I waited in line for the doors to open. While waiting I already saw a lot of other blogger friends.

Believe me as I say that starting your work week with a bunch of friends, fun, food and shopping, you will be very happy that Monday’s exists haha. 

Click on the read more button to see more photos with description.

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primark spring summer 2014 pretty flowers

primark spring summer 2014 canvas bag cute
After entering the new and fresh Primark we got this cute canvas bag with in it a pressmemo, Primark DVD, the Spring / Summer Lookbook and a €50 giftcard, yay! 

primark nijmegen press event opening breakfast donuts

primark nijmegen press event opening breakfast sandwhiches

Very yummy and complete breakfast with sandwhiches, bagels, donuts, muffin’s, fresh fruit, yoghurt and more! <3

primark nijmegen store shoes

primark nijmegen store

primark jewelry statement necklace coins bronze silver gold

primark jewelry statement necklace ibiza aztec trend

The brand new store and some very pretty statement necklaces! <3
You will see the second one very soon in a shoplog and / or outfit hihi.

primark opening nijmegen press bloggers shopping girlfriends

And last but not least two pictures made by others where you see me shopping with some of my lovely blogger friends! The first picture is from Dagmar, made by ??? from left to right: Lois, Dagmar, Me, Anne and Tineke. The second picture is made by Lois and you see me, Dagmar and Malou on the escalator: shopping!! 😉

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see al these lovely girls again! <3

ilovefashionbloggers x Noisy May – Outfit post

portret sarandipity fashion blogger sennheiser headphones

Hi everyone,

About two weeks ago I had a super cool meeting with ilovefashionbloggers and some of my favorite fashion blogger babes! We had a brainstorm about for example the business side of blogging but mostly we had a lot of fun as well! The lovely Jolique made sure there was delicious food, yummy famous Rotterdam apple pie from Dudok and super yummy muffins. But besides that Jolique from ilovefashionbloggers also arranged some other cool things.

Not only did we get a pair of jeans from the new Noisy May collection, there also was a photographer (Jose Chan from the Style diaries) and she shot outfit photos of all of us. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!! <3 Besides that she made a very cool video from our brainstorm. I would love to show you the look I was wearing for the shoot (with a lot of borrowed items haha) and the video of course!

Click on read more for the photos and the awesome video!! ^^

xoxo Saranda

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Event: Nelly High Heels in Eindhoven

saranda dutch fashion blogger blog sarandipity nelly high heels styletoday

Hi everyone,

Last Friday I was invited to join the Nelly High Heels party in my own city Eindhoven. I had already heard and read good things about this party so when asked me to make a report on the evening of course I said yes! With my camera, iPhone, high heels (naturally) and party mode on I hopped on my bike and went to cafe Thomas. (Although I had some problems with my DSLR settings my iPhone worked perfectly, yay!)

When I arrived at cafe Thomas I was super happy that I didn’t had to stand in the line, since the line of people waiting outside was HUGE. A lot of people wanted to be early since the first 100 visitors would not only get a free pair of Nelly shoes, they also would get an enormous goodiebag! Everyone from the first 100 visitors made a top three of their favorite Nelly heels and within 2 to 5 weeks these heels will be delivered. My first choice? The heels you can see above, not super high but this looks just like a perfect shoe to me! I need it hihi.

Around 21:30 the lucky 100 could start to make their top 3’s,  later when everyone was inside Fred van Leer (the most cool and funny stylist from the Netherlands imho) told us about the prices everyone could win, how everything worked and of course he told everyone to have fun and dance the night away. The assignment was to make a cool picture which showed your love for high heels (I immediately was busy being creative, making cool pictures and editing them on my phone haha) but unfortunately the connection was not so good. Finally Fred van Leer decided to draw three names out of a bowl. The prices you could win? Sopping money at Nelly €120 or €60, or a SONY smart lens for your iPhone. Of course the lucky winners where very happy with their price!

The party was super fun and everything was very well organized. There even was a chocolat fondue where you could dip in marshmallows or biscuits, yumm ^^

Well let’s just take a look at my pictures shall we?

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Event: Fresh Communications blogger event


press event fashion blog sarandipity styling contest fornarina dress la liek bag teal casio sheen dutch fashionblogger amsterdam fresh communications heels watch bag

Hi lovely followers,

How are you all doing? I am doing pretty great, my week has been super busy so far! On wednesday I went to Amsterdam for the ilovefashionbloggers New Years drink and I shot some outfit photos with the lovely Nathalie. Yesterday I finally started my course in Fashion Journalism! But first I went to Fresh Communications in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam since they hosted a fashion bloggers event. I was way early since my course started at the time the event started but the lovely people from Fresh Communications were so kind to let me stop by and even join their styling contest!! Very cool 😀 

For the styling contest we had to style a look with some of our favorite items from their showroom full of awesome brands. I really love love loved the bags from La Liek, but the teal colored one was definitely my favorite. Immediatly I had some ideas in my mind and I must say with the different brands I made a look which I would definitely wear during the spring / summer. 🙂 

I am wearing a black dress with lace details from Fornarina, heels from Fornarina, cardigan from Comma, bag from La Liek and the watch is from the Casio Sheen collection. I don’t really have a favorite item in this look since I love every single item so much, the fashion pieces are all just gorgeous! 

Thanks Fresh for the nice meeting! 

What do you guys think of my look? Please let me know in a comment and if you love it please like my Instagram pictures as well: Photo 1 & Photo 2 


press event fashion blog sarandipity styling contest fornarina dress la liek bag teal casio sheen dutch fashionblogger amsterdam fresh communications heels watch bag

press event fashion blog sarandipity styling contest fornarina dress la liek bag teal casio sheen dutch fashionblogger amsterdam fresh communications heels watch bag

press event fashion blog sarandipity styling contest fornarina dress la liek bag teal casio sheen dutch fashionblogger amsterdam fresh communications heels watch bag

press event fashion blog sarandipity styling contest fornarina dress la liek bag teal casio sheen dutch fashionblogger amsterdam fresh communications heels watch bag