Fashionable community; Spot & Shop


Hi everyone!

Imagine, you are looking for fashion inspiration online and suddenly you see this tee –>

You fall in love with it, just like I did, but well you can’t seem to find it online and so, nevermind, we’ll search for something else. Okay, this obviously is just a very cool DIY, but probably you did recognize the situation! Right? For this type of situation, you want something fashion wise but you just don’t know where or how to find it, there is Spot & Shop! 

Spot & Shop is a new fashionable community where you can upload the items you are searching for, for example if you saw a celeb like Miley Cyrus wear something cool (haha ;)) and you would want to have something that looks like it the Spot & Shop community can help you! You simply upload your want to have fashion item and the Spot & Shop community will help you with your search to that one fashion item (or a look-a-like) and will take care of the rest… Well okay, you still need to buy it yourself of course!

It’s pretty simple, you Spot, Spot & Shop finds what you are looking for and then you Shop!

Spot & Shop is very busy creating a Spot & Shop mobile app, but for now you can already join their community on Facebook: Spot & Shop! Check it out and let me know if you think you definitely needed something like this, or not, in the comment section below!

Event: POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam


Some of the ready made POM capes! <3

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce you to POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam! POM is a Dutch shawls and capes brand, based in yup Amsterdam. Last week I went to the POM blogger event where we actually got the change to DIY our own POM shawl! I loved a lot of the different shawls and capes so I had a little bit of trouble picking my fabric, pom-poms and leather lining, but in the end I am so very happy with my own personal POM shawl! ๐Ÿ™‚

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A SHAWL… I really liked this quote and story about POM… <3 As you can see we also had some lovely and above all, healthy, bites! Looking around a bit I saw a lot of lovely scarfs and really got some inspiration for my own POM shawl! 

I went for the Turquoise Wolf  fabric, in the picture above you can see it on the right. With the HUGE off-white pompoms you can see below, and brown leather at the largest side of the shawl for a little bit of extra luxurious feel. 

We also had the opportunity to try on other shawls, go into hair and make-up and get a photo from you with your new personal POM shawl! Too bad it took a while for my shawl to be made but I did make some more pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the photo shoot results yet but I can already show you some instagram / iPhone shots ๐Ÿ™‚

The first picture, me and fellow blogger Wendy, I am so in love with the POM shawl I am wearing in this picture, after we got our hair done! Look how pretty we are?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And in the second picture the result, my own personal POM shawl!!! <3

By the way, if you want more info about this cool dutch shawl brand, check out their website!! Hope you liked this report dear followers! xoxo