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Industrial outfit post dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana furla designer bag5

Ciao dearies,

I still owe you some looks that I have in storage for you all! Todays Outfit of the Day (OOTD) is shot at a pretty industrial place in Eindhoven with a lot of graffiti on the walls. Therefore, check out this Industrial outfit

Again I am very happy with how these photos turned out and I feel like I am sort of finally finding my own style. More girly / feminine, but still powerful, a bit fierce, and playful. It’s hard though since I like a lot of different things, always have and probably always will. But for now, this sort of looks feel good and comfortable. These outfits make me feel like happy, a bit flirty maybe and confident! However, how should I name this style? Do you have any ideas? 😉

For now let me tell you a bit more about this look. I am wearing my favorite Zara Trafaluc knitted sweater with a skirt I actually never worn before! This skirt has been in my closet since May last year or something and I never knew how to style it in a way it did not make me look bigger than I am. Well now I finally found a way: underneath sweaters / knits! Yay, I am so happy that I finally got to wear this skirt. Besides these two items I am wearing my favorite H&M ankle boots. They look pretty I think but I would still like to find ankle boots (with or without heel) that are a bit more tight around my ankle. To finish this outfit I am wearing a black panty and my leather baby blue FURLA (gifted) bag and my white Baby-G (sponsored) watch!

Let me know what you think of this look in a comment ^^


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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #13


Ciao ragazzi,

It’s time for a new Wednesday’s Pinspiration which today is all about amazing streetstyle bags! I spotted some amazing ones in Milano which I will share with you later but on Pinterest I found some gorgeous pictures as well!

As I believe in accessorizing and the fact that one accessory can transform a simple look into something gorgeous I just had to share these inspirational looks! My favorite bags are the Chanel Matruschka purse and the white Rocco bag from Alexander Wang! The first one is just gorgeous and a huge eye catcher, while the second one has tiny special details. The second one would probably look gorgeous with almost every outfit…

I am wondering though, how much is a designer bag truly worth? I never really fell for brand names, but now I notice how I adore some fashion houses and their particular style. For example I used to totally have nothing with Gucci, still I am no fan of big logo advertising on your bags / wallet / clothes… But after visiting their museum in Firenze and learning more about the history of the brand I now understand why a certain brand can be attractive. Lucky me, or not really, I can’t afford my favorite Gucci bag just yet. So I came home with only a Gucci paper shopping bag and some Gucci sugar haha.

Tell me, what is your favorite bag of the collage above? And how about your all time favorite designer bag / must have bag to spice up an everyday look?

Let me know in a comment!


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