Event: the BIG U VI by Unlimited PR


Hi dear followers!

Last week has been really amazing, as I already told you in the previous blogpost ๐Ÿ˜‰ It started on Wednesday with the bloggersevent from Unlimited PR, called the BIG U! Well it certainly was BIG, it was HUGE!! ๐Ÿ˜€ So in this blogpost I will tell you all about this event, I will let you in on some details of what I did during the event and more!

Click on read more for the full report! (Photo’s made be me, the photobooth, de Fotomeisjes)

xoxo Saranda

During the event we had a lot of cool things to do! You could go into make-up, get to know new brands, go into a photobooth and you could also style the DRYKORN IT-coat of this season! Oversized is HOT, and so is this very lovely coat by DRYKORN! Such a musthave, in my humble opinion! Can I have it, pleasseeeee? O=)

I styled this coat the way you can see below, with a shirt from DRYKORN itself and with a jeans from Pepe Jeans! ๐Ÿ™‚ At the event I also wanted to have a photo of me with my styling, while working on this blogpost I suddenly thought that the coat also would be very cool in combination with the outfit I was wearing at the event haha. 

What do you think of the way I styled the IT-coat??

Having a lot of fun in the photobooth with a couple of fellow bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚ First styling the Calvin Klein Jewelry! Look at the lovely watch and cool necklace! <3 I really love the rose gold jewelry set I am wearing in this pictures.

And the Pepe Jeans photobooth! Pepe Jeans celebrated their 40th birthday, congratulations to Pepe Jeans!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ In the booth I was wearing a cool Pepe Jeans beany from their new fall/winter collection, I loved that beany! What do you guys think how it looks on me? I think it looks pretty good, not what I expected haha. (I am even considering to buy this particular beany!) Maybe it is the Pepe Jeans photobooth  magic that makes it look good haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ By the way, check out that lovely Britain flag in the background, looks cool right? This pictures are so fun, I love photobooths! ๐Ÿ™‚

Next stop, the M.A.C. cosmetics corner!

Walking around the showroom I came across Mi Pacha, a dutch shoebrand with shoes that are inspired by Peru and also handmade in Peru! And of course Unlimited PR made sure we did not starve, look at these delicious bites and cute Tiffany’s cupcakes!!
One of the other cool things to do was the Music Bingo! Put on the headphones, listen to music and see if the song that is playing is on your bingo card! Lucky me for being such a music addict, I won!!! And the price?? Your own Sennheiser Momentum headphones, wow! 
Last, but definitely not least, we got the chance to choose a pair of UGGs Classic Mini and to have them get customized with Swarovski stones! I chose the black UGG’s and got my initials on them ๐Ÿ™‚
As you can understand by now I really had an A-MA-ZING time! I am so grateful for the invite and want to thank Unlimited PR for the good care. They really spoiled us bloggers! I also would like to thank UGG Australia for the lovely, warm, customized boots and Sennheiser for the great headphones! 

I can say, without a doubt, that I can’t wait for the next Unlimited PR event!

Frydays, personalized sunglasses!


Challenge the rules, don’t be tamed, be in control, powered by freedom! 

Frydays is a unique sunglasses concept with fully customizable sunglasses. Four different types of fronts and the 13 different colors for the frame and the arms, let’s you make endless variations! While designing I even found out that the color of the glass changes with the color you pick for the front! The glass colors are black, brown and green-ish. If you normally wear glasses, you can even adjust the Polaroid glass to your glasses prescription! Besides the option of buying a full customized pair of sunglasses you can also order another front, or extra arms. This way you can change your personalized sunglasses daily! That is great right?! 

So I made some designs, and I really am in love with some of these, so for sure I am going to order one or two pairs very soon! My favorite fronts are the wayfarer shaped glasses and the huge round glasses! Why don’t you go make some designs yourself? Check out Frydays.com for more information and start designing!

If you are interested in buying a pair of glasses, I managed to get you all a discount code! 
Use the code: Sarandipity on your check-out to get a โ‚ฌ10 discount on total sunglasses (from โ‚ฌ79 for โ‚ฌ69), or fronts (from โ‚ฌ59 for โ‚ฌ49). And a โ‚ฌ5 discount on arms (from โ‚ฌ25 for โ‚ฌ20) 

Are you going to order one of these beauties?? If yes, please show me your design! 

Ciao, Saranda