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Ciao dearies,

I am going to be completely honest with you today. Let’s get real. Do you think I wear heels every day? Or wear sneakers with a hidden heel? Think again, as a blogger and person I value comfort a lot. So nope I do not wear heels every day. That is why I am sharing this everyday outfit with you all today. I actually love to wear flats like Nike airmax and my UGG mini’s and I wear them a lot. For example while biking to the train station, while shopping or while exploring a city with awful but pretty looking cobblestones.

Last weekend I went to the super pretty and fairy-tale-like city of Ghent (more about this on Thursday!!) and I decided to shoot one of my favorite everyday looks. This outfit is something I wear quiet often as it’s still classy and feminine but this look is also really comfortable. It’s easy to wear this look for different occasions in my humble opinion. When I decide to mix things up with this look I usually wear different shoes like sneakers or boots to make the look a bit more fashionable. I love this jeans from Weekday, this cute top with sheer blouse on the back from Primark and while I don’t love my UGG’s they do get a high rating in comfort 😉

Feeling comfortable sometimes is just a tat more important to me. So what I am actually trying to say: I love fashion and I love to look and feel the best I can with the right outfit, but I do not feel like dressing up every day. I value comfort a lot and in some occasions I just want to feel fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

What do you think of my honest everyday outfit? Let me know in a comment and share your opinion on fashion, comfort and feeling amazing in your outfits!


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