Pastel walls – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

Time for a new or not so new outfit today! This is almost exactly the same outfit as the one I showed you a couple weeks back, this one to be precise. But because of another sort of setting, pastel walls in an industrial empty space, and just a little different detail, the pastel scarf, it looks quiet different! What do you think of my sort of the same look different setting outfit? I am in love with the pastel colored walls in this OOTD shoot!

Let me know what you think of this pastel walls outfit post! And don’t forget to also speak your mind concerning bloggers wearing the same outfit multiple times, I mean, I do not have an everlasting ‘Narnia’ closet 😉

I am wearing a scarf from H&M, knit from Zara, skirt and boots H&M.


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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

fashion adidas lovlet nike fruity floral hawaii pinapple tropical sarandipity inspiration blog dutch

Hi everyone,

Sometimes weeks go by so quickly because it is Wednesday already! While I was working on this new Pinspiration post I found some gorgeous fashion items online. And while I am trying to get my closet a bit more cohesive with a sort of red line I think I will fail big time haha. These items are not really a good fit with all the things I already have in my wardrobe, BUT… I do love these items a lot. The stunning ADIDAS x the Farm company jackets, the dress with Hawaiian dolls, the pineapple and the sporty Nike Roshe run <3 All of the things above are colorful, fun, fruity, floral, and mostly, perfect for the summer season! I really really love them.  These colorful items also give me a huge peptalk concerning my mood and really give me some new inspiration. Who would not want to wear fancy items like these and even blogging about and looking at these pictures makes me smile haha.  But now I need your advice… Option one is: Just go for it and get those pretty items asap! Or I can go for option two which is: I would stick to creating more of a cohesive wardrobe. Well I am very curious to find out your opinion 🙂  Ciao!!

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Trend report: Aztec or Peruvian Fashion

Trend: Aztec Peruvian fashionblog fashionblogger fashion sarandipity trendreport shoes mipacha trends colorful fallfashion

Hi everyone, 

Since last spring the Aztec print is really trendy and hot! This trend really inspires me and I love it! You can match the colors and print very well I think, even during fall! Maybe with a nice Peruvian scarf (Let’s stay in that South-American trend right ;))? Personally I have always been interested in Peru because my grandparents visited that country a couple of times and did some voluntary work over there! And I can remember having my class presentation in Elementary school about the Aztecs. So one way or another, I have this connection and interest in South-American cultures. Combining Aztec items with Peruvian fashion in my eyes seem quite natural. Both of the trends are very colorful with prints that just go really good together. 

Read & see more after the click 😉 Ciao!!

MIPACHA F/W ’13-’14 Peruvian shoes! Check out

By buying MIPACHA shoes you actually support the people from Cuzco (the capitol of Peru) plus you get a dustbag for your newly bought colorful shoes and a woven Peruvian bracelet! How cool is that?! 

I would definitely want to have one or more pairs of MIPACHA shoes, I can’t wait to buy my first pair haha. Secretly I have already checked my closet to see how I could combine them haha. 

Trend: Aztec Peruvian fashionblog fashionblogger fashion sarandipity trendreport shoes mipacha trends colorful fallfashion
I would combine this tee and Peruvian shawl (gift from Peru) with a nice pair of jeans and bright Alto Top MIPACHA sneakers.

So that’s it for today! Do you like the Aztec trend and MIPACHA shoes? 
Let me know in a comment! 

 xoxo Saranda

Event: POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam


Some of the ready made POM capes! <3

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce you to POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam! POM is a Dutch shawls and capes brand, based in yup Amsterdam. Last week I went to the POM blogger event where we actually got the change to DIY our own POM shawl! I loved a lot of the different shawls and capes so I had a little bit of trouble picking my fabric, pom-poms and leather lining, but in the end I am so very happy with my own personal POM shawl! 🙂

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A SHAWL… I really liked this quote and story about POM… <3 As you can see we also had some lovely and above all, healthy, bites! Looking around a bit I saw a lot of lovely scarfs and really got some inspiration for my own POM shawl! 

I went for the Turquoise Wolf  fabric, in the picture above you can see it on the right. With the HUGE off-white pompoms you can see below, and brown leather at the largest side of the shawl for a little bit of extra luxurious feel. 

We also had the opportunity to try on other shawls, go into hair and make-up and get a photo from you with your new personal POM shawl! Too bad it took a while for my shawl to be made but I did make some more pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the photo shoot results yet but I can already show you some instagram / iPhone shots 🙂

The first picture, me and fellow blogger Wendy, I am so in love with the POM shawl I am wearing in this picture, after we got our hair done! Look how pretty we are?! 😉 And in the second picture the result, my own personal POM shawl!!! <3

By the way, if you want more info about this cool dutch shawl brand, check out their website!! Hope you liked this report dear followers! xoxo