Primark lookbook: Summer collection


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Hi there,

Earlier this week I got an email from Primark with a sneak preview for their summer collection. Wow! This lookbook photos really looked gorgeous and I was happily surprised. I love the Primark for their price and their fabulous jewelry mostly. But this and the next season I might buy a lot more at the store where girls and women go cray cray haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love the ethnic feeling from the items and please give me all of the items in the photo above, those rings and bracelets are just perfect. The dress the model seems to wear (it looks like a dress) would also be one of my musthaves. It just looks super fierce doesn’t it? My other favorite items: the necklace from the first photo below, everything from the second photo below (such a lovely look) and everything from the third look as well. I love it hihi.

Check out these gorgeous pictures from the Primark Summer collection and let me know what you think… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ciao loves!!

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primark lookbook sarandipity fashionblog blogger ilovefashionbloggers
primark lookbook sarandipity fashionblog blogger ilovefashionbloggers
primark lookbook sarandipity fashionblog blogger ilovefashionbloggers

Event: Pressdays Puur PR & FUSE Communication


Hi everyone,

Last week I went to two Amsterdam to visit two PR agency’s for their pressdays. The PR agency’s showed us the new collections from the brands they represent and of course there was also enough time for some chatting, networking and yummy bites and drinks. The first thing I thought at both of the pressdays was, wow this showroom is huge and I really got a lot of inspiration at the pressdays! 

Check out some of the photos I took in the showrooms, including some items that are definitely on my wishlist!! 

Ciao lovelies, hope you are having a lovely day! xo

Photos pressday PUUR PR:

Photos pressday FUSE communication:

Fall wishlist so far


Primark Fall 2013/2014

Good afternoon lovely followers!!

After a lot of heat in Holland it has cooled down a bit and it even rained the whole day yesterday! So I started thinking about Autumn and Winter, which of course is already waiting to take over Summer… Which I totally do not like, dislike even, but hey you have got to be prepared, right? Time to check out some of the new collections, already in store actually at H&M, and the upcoming Primark collection! And I even saw a lot of things I love or just got to have, which is kinda weird since I am still in full-power summer mode haha. 

In this post you can see some of my wishlist items, so far of course because I haven’t yet checked out all the fall collections from my favorite stores / brands ๐Ÿ˜‰ First I still want to enjoy summer as long as possible ๐Ÿ˜‰ What do you think of my wishlist so far? Let me know in the comments!

Primark Fall 2013/2014

I really like the grungy look from the Primark collection, and as far as I have seen I would really like to buy all the items from this collection!! My favorites are the sweater from picture 1, the jacket from picture 2, the bag in photo 3 the total outfit from picture 4 and the red jacket from picture 5 ๐Ÿ™‚

And now some of the H&M items that are waiting in my shoppingcart to be ordered!

Skirt โ‚ฌ19,95 @ H&M

Skinny Low Ankle Jeans โ‚ฌ29,95 @ H&M
Kimono โ‚ฌ24,95 @ H&M

I really love this H&M items, but concerning the sweat, I am still in doubt whether I am going to buy the grey or beige one haha. Any advice dear readers?? You can buy the sweater here for โ‚ฌ19,95