Not my boyfriend’s business – Outfit post

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Ciao dearies,

As a girl who just turned 25 I am really ambitious and I want to do a lot of different things. My blog being a company and making it a success is one of those things but besides I have a lot of other dreams as well. Being the ambitious girl I can get jealous of the corporate office outfits of some woman. So when I got in touch with Duifhuizen tassen en koffers (Duifhuizen bags and suitcases) to do something with the theme ‘Not my boyfriends business’ I already had the perfect outfit and bag in mind. A business outfit with a feminine and fun twist. Today I am showing you my view on business style outfits for women and I really hope you like it!

For this outfit I decided to dress up in a colorful suit from House of Dagmar and to finish it with a fancy multi-purpose bag like this one from Michael Kors, the shopper. Perfect for a day at the office, as you can see in this outfit. But also great for bringing your camera with you while on a city trip. This bag is perfection in my eyes. Although I really still need a black bag I picked this one in brown. Together with the golden details it looked more stylish and classy than the combination of black and gold.

The best thing of this bag? It fits my camera, iPad, phone, wireless charger and of course my sunglasses, wallet, make-up and keys! I love it! A fun story about this bag, while in Milan I wore this exact outfit and I met a fellow blogger who was wearing a Michael Kors bag as well. Together we got some pretty good attention from the street style photographers! Now let’s hope the photos will pop up somewhere so I can share this moment with you, I bet it looked really cool with both of us wearing a Michael Kors bag 😀

I’m wearing a House of Dagmar Suit – via Are You Swedish*, sunglasses Osiris – Specsavers*, Michael Kors bag – Duifhuizen*, Daniel Wellington watch*, Nike sneakers.

What do you girls think of my personal take on the ‘Not my boyfriends business’ theme? Did I do a good job or would you have picked a totally different outfit?


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Valentines day: the Sarandipity boyfriend tag


Happy Valentines day everyone!
Hi lovely followers,
As I told you in my previous blogpost I really wanted to do the boyfriend tag today so here it is! Although he is not very keen on being in the spotlight he filled in the questions hihi… Since the boyfriend tag is super cute but not always with the most cool questions I thought, how bout personalize the tag a bit. So this tag is really a Sarandipity boyfriend tag haha 😉If you like it please use it, maybe you can link back? That would be great!
Well here we go, have fun reading!! 🙂

When and where did we first meet?
Mayk: We met somewhere in the afternoon at a pier in Rovinj.
Me: True, during my first vacation without my parents I met you in Rovinj, Croatia. 
What was our first ‘date’ ?
Mayk: Some dinner somewhere :p
Me: Haha probably true, since we did not actually date before we got to be a couple we don’t know this exactly 😉 Fun fact 😉
How did we become official?
Mayk: We registered our names and legislation under the official couples representatives act of 2008.
Me: LOL, it was actually pretty funny. After you got back from vacation you came to my place with a few friends and since you and me lived so far apart back then my parents let you guys stay overnight. Then I send you a text with something saying, xoxo your girlfriend? Hihi ^^
When did you first meet my parents?
Mayk: 30 seconds after I met you for the second time.
Me: Haha that’s pretty accurate I guess 🙂
What was the most epic experience we had together?
Mayk: Our roadtrip with the motorbikes in Crete, Greece?
Me: Yes that was awesome! But I do think every vacation we went on together was amazing!
What is my biggest dream?
Mayk: To be happy.
Me: Yeah probably haha, my dreams always tend to shift.
What do I do when I am bored?
Mayk: Nothing useful, checking Facebook and watching tv-series 😛
Me: That’s true I’m afraid 😉
How long do I take to get ready in the morning?
Mayk: Your morning “routine” takes about 1 minute. One second is spent in getting out of bed, then about 9 seconds for making breakfast, followed by 49.9 seconds of thinking what clothing to wear today :P, and then 0.1 seconds to actually put them on. Everything else is done en route. Pretty accurate. *replace the word seconds by minutes during the weekends.
Me: Pretty accurate indeed, especially when I am in a hurry! 
When did we move to Eindhoven?
Mayk: If u mean as in, when was our first night here I actually don’t know. Maybe the weekend after my bday?
Me: Correct! 
Name one unfortunate moment we really laughed about afterwards?
Mayk: The puke festival in the train, haha.
Me: Haha yeah that was super embarrassing :p
What do you think I like about you the most?
Mayk: My fun loving caring personality accompanied with dat amazing supamodel baoddi ;]
Me: <3 
What do I like to watch on television?
Mayk: ehmmm not sure whatsitcalled. Some kind of high-school vampires singing songs while communicating in sign language like everyone is deaf? And then there is this other show about 4 little liars being chased by someone called A. Me: I watch to much tv series haha

Name a type of food I hate…
Mayk: Peanuts
Me: Bluhhhh indeed I don’t like peanuts.
sarandipity boyfriend tag valentines day lifestyle fashion personal
We are out for dinner, what drink do I order?

Mayk: Probably Coca Cola
Me: Or water, or sweet white whine.
What is my shoe size?
Mayk: 38
Me: Correct! 
If I were to be a collector, what would I collect?
Mayk: Nailpolish probably!
Me: Yes, I love nailpolish! And besides that designer bags I think hihi ^^
What is my favourite breakfast and my favorite sandwich?
Mayk: That would be croissants and your favorite sandwich is a tosti with ham and cheese.
Me: Yummmm <3 
What is the color of my eyes?
Mayk: bluegreygreenish
Me: Hihi that is kinda true, I don’t know about the green though..
You’re baking a cake for my birthday, what’s my favorite?
Mayk: she no like cake :/
Me: I do love ‘kersenvlaai’ and simple cupcakes but indeed I do not like cake or most pies :p
What is an unique talent of mine?
Mayk: correctly guessing songs and remembering da lyricz
Me: Haha thats true 😀
How long are you together?
Mayk: 5.5 year + 14 days – 3 days..
Me: Correct!! 😀

Personal: Family portret photos


Hi all!

As I told you before, in this blogpost, I had a photoshoot together with my brother and boyfriend a while ago! During Christmas we finally gave my parents their gift, a photo of us three printed on Canvas! 

They were very happy with the result and so am I. I really like the pictures and today I will show you my favorites! I really like the old building where we shot the photos as well. It is actually the place my parents got married 26 years ago and it still looks very nice! What do you think of this photos??

PS: My mom is still waiting to see all of my favorites (since I don’t have them in high resolution yet) but I know she checks out my blog everyday so mom, I hope you like this ones as well! *mwah*


With my big little brother! 🙂
With the love of my life! <3