Friday favorites: July

time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time john lennon favorites quote

The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time – John Lennon

Hi dearies,

Late this day I want to share some of my July favorites with all of you! One of my favorites from the last couple of weeks has definitely been this quote by John Lennon. In my opinion one of the most important things in life is to be happy and to do the things you love. This sometimes mean that some people might say you are wasting your time on something, or that perhaps you could go do something that will make you (more) money. Well, in the end, it matters that you do something you are enjoying, something that makes you happy. And every minute of you being happy is precious, thus never wasted time 😉

My list of favorites from last month is pretty long, but I’ll keep it short since I need to get up very early tomorrow…

Curious to read more about my favorite products of last month?

xoxo Saranda

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Like a snake – Outfit Post

ootd sarandipity supertrash blqe geneve fashion blogger outfit

Hi dearies!

I am kicking of Sarandipity 2.0 with an outfit I am dying to share with you! I bought this Supertrash 1000 ways dress a while ago during a sample sale. When I saw the dress I was in love immediately! Love at first sight…

The same actually happened with the bracelet I am wearing in this pictures. I had a meeting at bckspace | eyewear and suddenly this beauty from the brand BL’QE Geneve caught my eye. The gorgeous turquoise, the cute rhinestones, rose gold, and a beige snake-print… Per-fec-tion!
They say 1+1 equals two (which of course is true), well in this outfit I think 2 was just right! Any other ideas for jewelry or accessories where suddenly forgotten. The look was complete, with just two simple items. Sometimes fashion should not be a difficult equation, sometimes it’s just 1+1 = 2…

What I really like about this outfit is that simpleness of dressing chic. The dress (which you can also wear as a top / sweater whatever) looks pretty luxurious and I think that items like this are a musthave in anyone’s wardrobe. Effortless chic items which you can style in many different ways. What more can I say, I am in love with how this look and the pictures turned out! <3

For this look I am wearing a 1000ways dress from Supertrash, bracelet from BL’QE Geneve, my pearl earrings and H&M snake-textured peep-toe’s.

As usual, because this obviously does not change, I would love to know what you think of this outfit!


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Sarandipity 2.0 is coming closer and closer!

Good evening dearies!

OMG I am soooo excited at the moment! Not only will the Holland -Argentina match start in a few minutes. It’s also almost the time to say goodbye to blogger and hop on the WordPress express for Sarandipity 2.0.

Right now my lay-out is almost finished, just some little things left to do. The biggest things I still need to do are fixing my old blogposts, which are a lot, I have actually already written around 450 blogposts, WOW! And besides that completing one of the things that are new on Sarandipity 2.0

So let me tell you a bit more about some of the new things on my new website!

Mostly I am super excited to be able to merge my passion and my professional live in a better way with my new website. There will be a page with my CV, portfolio and the possibility to connect with me on LinkedIn. Since I am still looking for the dream job / and possibilities to become a freelance fashion journalist I hope this will give my fashion career a boost.

Transfering my blog to WordPress does mean that you won’t be able to follow me through Google Friend Connect anymore. If you did not follow me on Bloglovin already this would be the time to also start following Sarandipity on Bloglovin 🙂

Having said this, I will now be working on my new website again!
Besides fixing the last things I will also start writing new exciting content for you.

Stay tuned dear followers!!

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