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Hi everyone,

Last week Dagmar tagged me in the Another Blogging tag. In this tag I will probably answer a lot of questions you might have. Have fun reading and let me know should you have any other questions left!
What would you like to change on your blog and what would you like to keep it the way it is?
For now I would like to keep most things the way it is. But I would love to post more often and also more outfits. My lay-out is pretty okay but I do think that it is time to change my header someday soon. Maybe something that represents my current style a little bit more.
What I would love to know: What would you like to see more often on my blog?
Are you the only one behind Sarandipity?

I am the only person working on the posts, social media et cetera. But I do have people who regularly make my outfit photos. Most of the times the photos are made by my boyfriend, Kelly from We Heart Fashion or Britt from BrittaMaxime.

Click on the read more button for the rest of the questions ^^
xoxo Saranda

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MBFWA down-town: Important blogging lessons


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Hi guys,

Last Monday I kicked of my personal week of Fashion at one of the MBFWA down-town activities, the bloggerscafé by Fashionchick. Together with a couple of my fellow blogger babes I went to the NRC Cafe in Amsterdam and it was a fun and very interesting evening! Three well-known Dutch bloggers and power women told us everything about the ins and outs of blogging and of course we got some very useful tips as well! Of course I would not be me if I were not sharing some key information with you guys! 

First of all the director from Fashionweek Nederland, Rob Zomer, told us that he sees bloggers as a sort of USB-hub to the users and buyers of fashion. He said that bloggers are critical, have their one opinion, are quick and are important to broaden the network and reach in the Dutch fashion branch! Wow, that’s definitely another statement in comparison with the statements about NY Fashion Week being a zoo haha 😉 After the opening from Rob Zomer we listened to Monique van Loon from Monique told us to always blog regularly but above all to write share able content to create a snowball effect. Since I know my personal ups and downs concerning inspiration it was just a relieve to find out that in such a situation, you can just ask your readers (yeah I mean you guys! ;)) what they would like to read! 

Read more for the rest of the key tips and tricks about blogging!

xoxo Saranda

After the very useful tips from Monique the stage was ready for Yvonne Eijkenduin, home decoration and interior blogger on I loved how Yvonne was just so personal and being herself! Therefore her biggest trip was to always keep your blog and your blog posts as close to you and yourself as possible. Being you and showing personality is that one unique factor your blog needs! For example if you don’t have a special niche clothing style, that can still be your blog’s unique factor, since you like to mix it up! Such a nice lesson to have learned since I love and like almost everything haha. 

Yvonne spoke to us with a lot of humor, and I loved how so said that blogging about your personal life can be kind of sneaky haha. She actually said something like: “One loves to watch porn, I love to read blogs, it is also a sneaky kind of world”. Well you can imagine how all of us bloggers were laughing out loud / rolling over the floor laughing! 😉

Last but certainly not least was Anouk the founder of Creators of Desire. COFD is a wonderful collective from diverse fashion bloggers with each their own style. Anouk also has her own blog and helps bloggers with guidance and also gives masterclasses about the blogging business. During Anouk’s talk she discusses the seven deadly sins on blogging. Are you guys ready for this? Here it goes:

1. Vanity; don’t get cocky or arrogant, respect your readers, colleagues and people from the industry… You will meet most people more than once! 

2. Greed; don’t just go ahead with every offer you get from brands and don’t let your blog become a commercial billboard. 

3. Lust; Try not to copy from successful fashion bloggers, go back to the basics and stay true to yourself.

4. Jealousy; Put your jealousy to good use and turn it into a trigger to make the best out of your own blog! 

5. Gluttony; Don’t spam, share a new blog post once or twice, but not ten times haha. Also place quality content and don’t publish posts just for the sake of publishing.

6. Anger/rage; Always stay professional, if your mad just take a walk around the block and calm down. Stay nice and friendly to the people you meet. Elegance is KEY!!! (I have also learned this one during my course of Fashion Journalism and I think it’s pretty damn important)

7. Laziness; don’t be lazy and go the extra mile, give yourself for more than 100%

Wow this is a lot of text haha, but I really enjoyed writing it and of course I hope you loved / liked reading it! You can leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this kind of articles 🙂 

Ciao! <3

ALOHA Friday Blog Hop, v-day edition

Aloha Friday Blog Hop

Hi all, 

Ss you all know yesterday it was valentines day, or v-day. Me and my boyfriend don’t celebrate v-day because we already celebrate or 4,5 years anniversary on the third of february. We know we love eachother and don’t feel like spending way to much money on some roses or whatever every year haha. I do hope all of you have had a wonderful day, if you celebrated valentines day with someone or not. 

So today, I will participate in the ALOHA Friday Blog Hop, hosted by What Jean Likes

Since I am very new at this, I am trying to figure out how to participate and what I all need to do, so I hope I am doing it the right way 😉 

The Aloha Friday Blog Hop is more than a “Friday” hop, it’s a way to share aloha and friendship to our fellow bloggers all weekend long!!  I consider this particular blog hop to be more of a weekend hop because Fridays are so hectic that a lot of people function on what we like to call “Hawaiian Time” here in Hawai’i which means they link up on Saturday or sometimes even Sunday which is just fine and dandy with me!  That’s why I keep it open from Friday through Wednesday because I sincerely believe, the more the merrier!! “

The rules or requests:

Follow your Aloha Friday Hop hosts and team members.
(Please leave a comment with a link to your site and we will be sure to follow you back) <– DONE

Link up your family friendly blogs
(Or other sites and projects you’d like to share) <– DONE

 Share this hop so that others might join in.
(If you’d like, you are welcome to post this hop on your site and/or add our button to your site!) <– DONE

 Visit at least three other blogs and let them know you’ve come to share aloha.
(How lucky are we to start our wonderful weekends together, let’s have fun with this) <3/3 DONE

So now, I am going to link up with all the ALOHA Friday Blog Hop participaters… We’ll see what happens! For all the valentines day lovers, wouldn’t you love to celebrate v-day with your lover in a lingerie outfit like this?! I think the valentines day pictures from Victoria’s Secret each year are just AMAZING, cute and fierce at the same time!



Succesfull blogging, by Andy Torres!

Hi all! 

Just watched this amazing video where Andy Torres from tells us about the keys to succesfull blogging! I will definately use her tips for as far as I didn’t before! Lets make this blog succesfull! 

I can do it! 

xoxo, Sarandipity

PS: keypoints to succes according to Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook:

  • Great content –> quality photography / flow of content / personality
  • Strong social network –> commenting on other blogs / facebook / twitter
  • Be yourself! –> don’t copy / blog is online diary / be fierce / don’t be afraid to try