The Holland Beauty Awards 2013

Hi all, 

Yesterday the Holland Beauty Awards have been given to the BEST BEAUTY PRODUCTS from 2012. I was very curious about the winning products and so I followed the Holland Beauty Awards on twitter. And when they had a giveaway of course I joined, which made me win an AMAZING goodiebag with some of the best beauty products according to the awards! More about my priceless goodiebag from Holland Beauty Awards later this week! Maybe even an unboxing video! Which would be my first video-log!

The awards where divided into different categories, lips; nails; eyes; foundation; perfume (mens / womens); salon; bodycare; luxurious bodycare; facial care; luxurious facial care and hair. Besides this categories they also picked out the best Beauty Blogger, a dutch pretty celeb with a good heart and every magazine working with the Holland Beauty Awards choose their own favorite product. Check out all the award winning products HERE! 

From all the winning products I LOVE Essie the most, their nailpolishes are just perfect! Great coverage within two layers, amazing colors and the nailpolish doesn’t chip that much! Besides that I would love to try the YSL lipcolor. It’s great right, a lipgloss with the color and coverage of a lipstick? Also I would still love to try out the OPI Gelcolors, I heard good things about the product and with this award won I will definitely go to a nail saloon very soon! Concerning the Nivea and Andrelon products, loved them from the beginning these products are just great. Mostly dry shampoo is one of the best inventions ever! Last but not least, after reading a bit more about the Chanel Coco Noir perfume I really need to go smell that scent and decide if I want / need to have it… The description of the perfume sounds perfect so I am very curious!

Ciao, Saranda @ Sarandipity

Event: Glamour in the City

Hi lovelies,

Last week I went to such an amazing event in Zoetermeer, South Holland. And I really had the time of my live! The evening in short was a blast of fun and had a nice touch of glamour. The location was fabulous and had a red carpet, there was a short photoshoot at the entrance, you could shop till you drop in the pop up stores and as the main item there was a glamour bingo with the most amazing prices!

At the event I also meeted up with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton-Kandy, it was great to meet her again! It is just so fun to hang out with likewise people, people who understand what blogging is about and that it is not the easiest job / hobby at the beginning.

Click on read more for to whole story and more pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Glamour in the City flyer
Hotel/Restaurant SNIEP.NL

The show was hosted by Tabitha a very talented, funny and glamorous person which made us laugh a lot! Thanks Tabitha for the great fun on this evening! Tabitha also set the rules for the bingo. For example when two people had a bingo there could be a blindfolded lipstick or make-up challenge. Tabitha also told us everything there was to know about the prices! 

Some of the prices that could be won were a birking-it-bag in neon yellow, a goodiebag full of love toys, different jewelry prices, a BaByliss straightening iron, a goodiebag from perfume store MOOI (which means beautiful) with a Hugo Boss perfume in it, tickets to a wellness center and a night at the bridal suite in Hotel / Restaurant Sniep (the location of the Glamour in the City bingo).

Besides the bingo we could also win prices by participating in the Glamour quiz! I had the idea I did pretty well but there was this question about Doutzen Kroes I didn’t know haha. And apparently, scrub for your nails does exist haha. Too bad, because with the quiz you could win a VIP arrangement at the Wellness center! Maybe I will be lucky at the next Glamour in the City bingo!!! 

At the pop up stores I really saw some lovely items, for example shirts from My Brand, some great bags with amazing details, lovely jewelry and more! 
At the end of the evening we even got a great goodiebag with yes, goodies! Different things were in the goodiebag such as a Burberry the Beat giftset, GLAMOUR magazine, tickets to the Elysium Wellness Center, Argan Oil from BaByliss and some more great stuff like a free beautyschool arrangement including a โ‚ฌ7,50 voucher to spend at the perfume store! 

I really loved this event and I think for the first edition everything went very well and was well organized! For my dutch fellow bloggers and followers, check out the Glamour in the city facebook to stay up to date and maybe I will see you all at the next Glamour in the city event?! 


Saranda @ Sarandipity

Review: Color Riche LeSmoky from L’OREAL Paris

Picture from L’oreal Paris website

Hi all,

A few days ago my boyfriend got home from a L’Oreal presentation and workshop with a great goodiebag! Only one item for him and three for me! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

One of the items was a L’Oreal Color Riche LeSmokey eyeliner pencil with a smudge sponge at the other end. From the first time I saw it (damn that sounds weird, like if I am talking about a handsome stranger haha) I wanted to try it out so badly and immediately thought I am doing my first ever beauty review with this product! So here it is, my first beauty review thanks to L’Oreal and my boyfriend ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Enjoy this post! xoxo
So at first I noticed, the pencil is slightly larger than my normal pencils because of the smudge sponge, no problem but it can be annoying as now it doesn’t fit in my little beauty bag I always carry around in my bag. 

At first I swatched the eyeliner pencil on my hand and I loved the cool pure black color from the pencil. The black color is very well concentrated and the pencil immediately leaves the perfect amount of black on your hand, and very important also on your eyelid and on the waterlines of your eyes. I was already happy haha. So that’s a big plus for sure.

I also swatched the pencil on my hand and smudged the line and that also went well. Time for testing it on for my daily make-up. There was a little bit of highlighting powder on my eyelid and I noticed the difference with my hand a lot! The blackness was the same but I had the idea the pencil didn’t smudge as nicely on my eye as it did on my hand…

Here you see the result!
In this picture you can see a bit of the result. The picture above my eye just after applying the LeSmoky eyeliner. As you can see the smudging didn’t go perfect but not bad either. In the corner of my eye it went great but the line was somewhat harder to smudge out. In the picture below you can see the difference. One eye totally ready, including Mascara from Sephora (LOVE IT!) and one eye naked except for some highlighting powder.

Must say I was happy with the result but I am curious if the eyeliner will work better without the highlight powder underneath. Will try that later.

In short the pro’s and cons: 

Great concentration of black
Simple applying
Stays on for long
Doesn’t smudge to places you don’t want to

Smudging doesn’t work perfectly
Pencil somewhat larger

Overall I just love the pencil, not much to complain about it!
What do you think of this make-up item? And what do you think of my first beauty review?

Let me know!

Do you know, that YOU are BEAUTIFUL?

Saw this great video from DOVE this morning and I almost teared up…
It’s just incredible to see how woman don’t know they are beautiful while others do see that beauty.

Check out the video:

What do you think of this amazing video? 

Do you sometimes or maybe even most of the time feel like you are not beautiful? You are beautiful! 
I’m sometimes very insecure about my appearance, which I think everyone is sometimes! 

Let this video learn you a lesson, you are beautiful! xoxo

PS: just found out you can compliment your friends with a DOVE facebook App 

SEPHORA shoplog

Hi my dearest followers, hope you are all doing well today!

Today I went to the V&D one of the biggest Dutch department stores, because there is a special discount action going on. It’s called Prijzencircus haha so in English probably something like the circus of prices, I don’t know… In this discount action they always have a Sephora action. This used to be 3 for โ‚ฌ10 but this time it was โ‚ฌ5 each item accept for primer and foundation (these are โ‚ฌ7.50). Since I happen to love Sephora ever since the first items I bought from the brand (during one of the 3 for โ‚ฌ10 actions) I just needed to go and buy some lovely make up!

And maybe, if you are Dutch, you have heard: Sephora is leaving Holland. Think about it, this action could maybe be your last chance!!! So yesterday evening I made this list with items I really wanted to have, while knowing I probably would not find everything but, it was worth trying! For example I found 3 blushes that were on my list, illumination powder and an eyeshadow.

In the pictures you can see what I have bought. I will make some reviews for you on some of the products. For example the eyeshadow since I have heard the eyeshadow from Sephora doesn’t have good pigmentation… What do you think of the items from Sephora???

Ciao, xo Sarandipity

PS: fyi this is a mobile post, which probably doesn’t look as well as the other posts! I will try to fix this as soon as I arrive home ๐Ÿ™‚