Cool as Ice – Outfit post


Hi there,

I am back, again with a new outfit post! At the moment I am super busy with loads of different things so that’s why I am not blogging that consistently right now. I do hope to change that from today on, since tomorrow one of the current projects will finish and I will of course have more time left now! Because of all the different things I am super chaotic and I am trying to also get this chaos a little bit more organized. It’s needed to have a little bit more structure, I can tell you that much haha.

So today I want to show you the outfit I was wearing to the Mr Goodiebag event I went to with Britt. First I wanted to wear my grew puffy skirt with this top and shoes but it did not feel quite right. It felt somewhat uncomfortable and not me. While we were waiting for the train in Santpoort to arrive I switch to these black jeans from Noisy May, way better if you ask me.

Wearing this look was perfect for the weather at the time this look was shoot and I felt like the look was also showing my mood. The look is play-full and fierce while showing a little bit of skin but not showing my eyes. I was pretty tired after a long day of work at the beach and a lot of fun with one of my best blogger babes Britt. Besides that I was looking forward to seeing other blogger babes like Dagmar and Anne and the event of course!

In this outfit I am wearing one of my favorite glasses from Marma London (thanks to bckspace | eyewear, go check out their website!) top from Primark, jeans from Noisy May (thanks to Noisy May & ilovefashionbloggers), Nike airmax 1 premium glacier ice, Balenciaga bag (borrowed from Britt haha). Besides that I am also wearing some Bohotats from my Isabelli!

Let me know what you think of this look!
xoxo Saranda

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Paris Fashion Week: Balenciaga & Christian Dior

balenciaga design fall fashion fur sarandipity balenciaga coat bordeaux wool waistbelt sarandipity

Hi girls,

How has your weekend been? My weekend has been super busy but very fun as well. Yesterday I had a whole lot of work to do so monday was pretty tough haha. But hey, I survived! Yay 😉

Today I would like to share some of my favorite looks from the Balenciaga and Christian Dior show during Paris Fashion Week. Both of the collections really had my interest. I really liked shapes from the Balenciaga designs. Both round and square items as well. I also loved how Balenciaga used differents structures, soft silky Satin, Wool, Fur and more. I really have a hard time choosing a favorite from the four Balenciaga looks I selected haha. Which one is your favorite?

Read more for the other two Balenciaga looks and my opinion on the Christian Dior Fashion show 🙂


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balenciaga sarandipity fashion blog blogger knitted sweater asymetric balenciaga satin shoulder detail fashion blog sarandipity

My two favorite looks from the Christian Dior show. I really love the hint of pink in boots these two outfits. Pink can be a very powerful color while it is still super feminine and kind of cute. In the right design pink is the main color but in the left look it’s just a subtle detail. I really like how Dior used different structures in one dress in the left design. From sporty and fierce the dress turns more soft and flowy from the waist down. It makes the whole outfit more subtle and feminine in my opinion. 

Which one of these two looks do you like best?

Christian Dior paris sarandipity pink detail dress design Christian Dior sarandipity fashion blog pink pastel pop color yellow fierce design frech parisienne

Dear Balenciaga – Outfit post


sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

Hi lovely followers,

Today I would like to show you the result from the outfit shoot I had with Britt on Monday. As you might have seen in the preview I am carrying a very precious and gorgeous it-bag! This stunning Balenciaga it-bag is unfortunately not mine but it’s from Britt hihi. Ah well it least I did have it in my hands and made this photos and blogpost as proof… It does look really really pretty with this outfit in my humble opinion, just as if it was meant to be! 😉 I really like this outfit since it’s laid-back, casual and had a rock chick kind of feel to it. Depending on my mood and the weather I just love that rock chick style.

Besided the super stunning Balenciaga bag I am wearing a bouclé biker jacket from MANGO, tee from VOGUE (bought at VFNO), soft pink jeans from Esprit and heels from H&M. 

What do you guys think of this look? Ciao!!

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag
sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

sarandipity balenciaga ootd fashion blog blogger dutch personalstyle it-bag

Photos by Britt

Preview: dear Balenciaga


fashion blog ootd outfit sarandipity sarandaadriana balenciaga itbag musthave

Hi everyone,

Hopefully you guys had just as lovely a Monday as I had! In the morning I did some work for #metzonderwerk and then in the afternoon I went shooting with Britt from We had a lot of fun and we made some gorgeous photos from our two looks! 

Today I will be doing pretty much. I will be working my butt of for #metzonderwerk and I will also be blogging a lot. I really want to try to blog in advance for a couple of days but so far I suck at it haha. Ah well, got to keep trying! 😉 For now I will show you this preview from one of the looks I shot yesterday. Can you see that gorgeous statement piece I have in my arm right there?? ^_^ The full look from this outfit will be online tomorrow morning! 

Have a lovely Tuesday and don’t forget to check Sarandipity later today for the afternoon blogpost! 🙂