Event: Dutch Design Week


Hi everyone,

Last weekend I went to a couple expositions during the Dutch Design Week (DDW) in my home town Eindhoven! This year the theme from the DDW was Now Future, futuristic and modern designs in the fields op fashion & textile, architecture, industrial design, trends, home deco and more. Unfortunately I didn’t see everything, some things closed earlier (which I am kinda mad about) and so I did not see one of the most cool expositions I was looking forward to (FML). But I did see some cool things which I would love to share with you. 

Check out some of my DDW photos after the read more button!

Knitted fashion by KnittID from Olga van Zeijl & Rianne de Witte.

At the 1 2 3 expo, fashion items by de l’eefstijl from Eef Middendorp.

I did like the things I saw at the Dutch Design Week but to be honest I did expected more fashion expositions and was really dissapointed that the coolest fashion exposition closed earlier. 

What do you think of the photos? Have you visited the Dutch Design Week and what did you think? 

Let me know in a comment!