Amsterdam Fashion Week, outfit inspiration! ( contest)

AFW inspiration

Hi everyone!

We are only 6 days away from New Years Eve but my beloved Amsterdam Fashion Week is already right behind the corner! I can still remember the joy and excitement last year in July when I went to Fashion Week for the first time in my life! It was just amazing and of course I just need to be there again this year!! 

Amsterdam Fashion Week celebrates their 10th anniversary this year so it promises to be an amazing week! (By the way, it’s actually cald Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam! Hip hip hooray to Amsterdam for taking Fashion in the Netherlands to a higher level!)  So when I saw the chance of joining this amazing blogger contest from I just had to join! For the non-dutchies reading this, is one of the biggest fashion websites in the Netherlands. On the website you can make moodboards, a wishlist, you can shop, read about the latest fashion news, read blogposts and join great giveaways and contests! 
For the contest I am showing you my ultimate Fashion Week outfits! I decided to make two different looks since the prize is two nights at the art’otel in Amsterdam and of course I will not be wearing the same outfit two days in a row! 😉 Still a fashionista and fashion blogger, although I am on a budget, but a girl can dream and wish… 🙂 

More info on the outfits and why I choose these looks after the button.
Ciao lovely followers! <3

A show from last year, two amazing looks! If only I could wear one of these dresses to AFW! 😉

The first look is very feminine and fierce at the same time! Because the skater dress has a subtle print it’s very wearable and not to much! By wearing (gorgeous) black heels, a black clutch from SUPERTRASH and the cute bracelet, the look stays very feminine and a bit chic. The jacket completes the look and makes the whole outfit more sporty and fierce! 

Since I love to wear casual items and style it of in a chic way I think this look matches my personality and style very well! I also think this outfit is original and fashion forward. 

The first outfit would be my super ultimate look to wear at Amsterdam Fashion Week!
AFW inspiration

Now for the second look. This look is inspired, partially by the SUPERTRASH ad campaign picture on the left and by Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad. I love the golden details in the cream dress, it looks very chic, feminine and luxurious. Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni shows us how you make a simple or casual outfit look gorgeous for example by styling it of with nice accessories.

My second look which I would really like to wear to Mercedes-Benz FW Amsterdam is more subtle and calm than the first look. A chic but very comfy outfit, as I already walked on heels the first day of Mercedes-Benz FW Amsterdam haha. I now have sore feet so I want to wear flat shoes. These loafers with golden chain are perfectly comfy and still very chic! The knitted sweater is very comfy as well. The skort gives the look a little bit of edge to it and makes the look even more casual than it already is. By wearing the golden chain necklace, the cream white shoulderbag and the nude eye-look I’ll give the outfit a more feminine touch. 

Again this outfit matches my style very well since it is comfortable and casual as well as feminine. 

Well fingers crossed now! I can’t wait for this years Fashion Week in Amsterdam!<3



Good evening lovely followers,

How is everyone doing? I just got back from a short holiday break to lovely island Terschelling and I am so relaxed now! Time to blog! As you may know I visited the Amsterdam Fashion Week last week and I went to a couple of shows, three to be specific! Which means, I still have two more shows to share with you all! 

Are you ready for it?! 

This show, 2LOVE TONYCOHEN, was really my favorite show! I loved the colors, designs, fabrics, everything! Also I was seated second row so I have a lot of pretty pictures!!

By the way, if I should pick a favorite I think I would go with the green metallic / see-through outfit (pants + top). I love the colors, mix of different fabrics and the embroidery on the top!


AFW: Colgate Smile Interview

(This blogpost / video is partially in Dutch)

Hi everyone, 

My fashion week adventure has finished and I must admit, I had a blast! In total I have been to one event, the Colgate Bloggers event and to three(!) shows! Today I have been to two shows so another post about today will follow as soon as possible! 

For now I want to show you, mostly my Dutch readers, this video from the Colgate Smile Interview I had at the bloggers event hosted by Colgate & Cream PR! 

I am curious to find out what you all think of it!! 


AFW: Colgate Event en SIS by Spijkers&Spijkers

Hi dear followers,

How has your weekend been so far?! Mine has been great and it is getting even better! Yesterday I went to my first Amsterdam Fashionweek show ever and it really was a dream come true! I did not really know what to expect but it was amazing! Last week I had contact with Colgate about the tickets and it all started there. Friday after waking up a little late, graduation day had made me so so tired, everything was about getting the right outfit matched to wear to this special day. 

Want to know more about my first AFW experience?? Click on read more for the full story & more pictures!

Ciao ragazzi!

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When we arrived at the location we got our bracelets which stated blogger and we were given directions to the Colgate Lounge where the blogger event was! The event was about Colgates newest toothpaste and the best accessory, a luminous smile! You could get drinks, some bites, dance to the beats of a nice DJ and you could do an interview / elevator pitch about your blog and your style. I also got to meet some fellow bloggers which I knew from the blog but never met in real life before. It was great to meet everyone!! The event was very well organized, so thanks Colgate & Cream PR! 🙂 
At the Colgate event
Meeting with a lot of fellow bloggers including Fashionista Chloë!
After the event it was time to go see the show! Have I made you a bit curious yet? 

For my first show I think I was very lucky with my seats! I had a good view on the catwalk and my boyfriend could make pretty okay pictures. The show, SIS by Spijkers&Spijkers, was pretty nice, I loved the suits the most (see first picture) and also the items made from see-through chiffon were very nice (see last picture)! Personally I did not like the hair from the models and I thought that some of the clothes were just not something I would buy. But over all I liked the collection and it was an epic first fashion week experience!! 
On our way home we, my boyfriend and I, also met this lovely pair of fellow bloggers: Farah from Formula Farah and Rachella from The Only Fashion Princess! 

We had great fun on our way to the train station!