Review: Long blonde hair, 1001extensions


Hi everyone,

I love my own hair, but always when I do something cool with it (for example curl it) the effect is gone within less than a couple of hours. My hair is pretty fine and thin and it’s, well, flat. So when I got a message from to try there product I was very curious and more than happy to review a set of hair extensions. Hoping on a full coupe with a little more volume and more thickness I tried the extensions, and I really like the result!!! Are you curious to see how I look with even longer blonde hair? Click on read more!

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The hair extensions from 1001extensions are 100% human (Indian) hair and come in a lot of different colors, two styles (curls or straight) and in four different lengths. I went for the light blonde, straight extensions in the 50cm length. The length is really long but I really wanted extensions which made my hair look longer and still being able to maybe cut the extensions in the right shape ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

As you can see in this photo the color I choose, light blonde, fits really nice with my own hair color! My own hair consists out of a lot of different shades of blonde and a little bit of darker blonde even at the back of my head, but with this color and the natural shades the extensions have I think the color matches really well!

Putting the extensions in was a little bit confusing for me since the instructions did not really work for me. My hair is so thin that the clips where showing. But luckily after a google search I found a dutch fashionbloggers youtube video about how she puts in her extensions and so it all worked out.

From the package of 7 extension mats I have now used 6! From bottom to top I have used one with 2 clips, one with 3 clips, the largest one with 4 clips, than one with 3 clips above the one with 4 clips and the two little ones with one clip at the sides (sort of next to the one with 3 clips). 

So I really like the result, I had a little bit more volume, but mostly I had thicker and longer hair! Here are some of the pro’s:

  • Quality of the human hair (color / strength)
  • The extensions do not glide out of my own hair
  • Effect of the extensions (longer and thicker hair)
  • Pricing, around โ‚ฌ55 when they are in sale ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Being able to change the length of your hair so quickly
Now some of the cons: 
  • You can still see clearly where my own hair ends (I hope this will be gone after cutting the extensions in the shape my own hair is cut) or I need to let my hair grow a lot longer ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I personally think it is a little hard to remove, maybe I am just to afraid to get my hair all tangled up
Over all I am really happy to have these extensions and I will definitely put them in for special occasions! What do you think of my long blonde hair??