Outfit post

Hello again,

I noticed I suck in keeping a blog, for sure I am not posting enough things in a month…
I mean come on it’s already the 15th of February! Don’t you guys think it’s shocking how fast the time goes by? Because I for a fact do 😉

Well, so far my chitchat…A while ago I promised you guys an outfit post with one of my newest outfits! So here it is!! Enjoy 🙂

I am wearing a monki t-shirt with a low back, a skirt bought at Pull&Bear from the basics collection (that collection appears to be never on sale! haha). Besides that I wear pumps from Dolcis which I love but they do hurt my feet after 6 hours and that’s it…

Let me know what you guys think!

PS: I will try to post more often 🙂

xoxo Saranda Suzanna Adriana

outfit ootd saranda dutch fashion blog


outfit ootd saranda dutch fashion blog


outfit ootd saranda dutch fashion blog


outfit ootd saranda dutch fashion blog

I Miss Milano!

Last year at this time, I was longing for my boyfriend to come home!
He was living in Milano for about 6 months because of an exchange program at Bocconi University. As far as I know he didn’t get to meet Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad, which is too bad 😉

But, when I lately started following her blog, my mind was focussed on the time I’d spend in Milano… Kind of missing the city right now… 🙁 Milano is really a inspiring city concerning fashion. Besides that, in Milano you can buy (and eat) the best Italian icecream ever! Also the architecture in Milano is amazing. I suppose you guys can understand why I want to go back asap?! 😉

Therefore, out of nostalgia, I want to share some pictures with you!

la rinascente milaan milan italy
La Rinascente; www.rinascente.it
naviglio navigli granda milan italy
Naviglio Grande
castle castello sforzesco milan milaan italy
Castello Sforzesco
fashion blogger parco sempione milan milano milaan
Me in front of Parco Sempione
milan cimitero monumentale
Cimitero monumentale di Milano
San Siro Stadio Giuseppe Meazza AC Milan inter Milan
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, also known as San Siro
fashion blogger saranda vogue eyewear sunglasses
Vogue eyewear sunglasses vo 2523-s-b; I love ’em!
fashion blogger
So my boyfriend doesn’t like this pic, but I love how the colors react on eachother ^^
duomo milano milan
duomo milano milan
Kiss <3
party milan clubbing milano
Partying in Milano, somewhere at a club; bad quality picture!
armani prive milano milan italy
Me at Armani Prive
That’s it for today… I hope you liked the pictures, sorry for the bad quality haha
I still have some homework to do before it’s 12 o’clock, so I better get going!
xoxo Saranda Suzanna Adriana