Trends spring 2013

Hi all!

Spring is coming, in my humble opinion it should be here rather sooner than later ;). So what I did last weekend was researching the upcoming spring/summer trends and also, did a little only shopping spree (so when the money comes in… it can go to a very nice fund, my wardrobe!). 

During my research and my preparations for money spending, I found some nice ideas and trends… I must say, sometimes I really don’t like the trends and I feel kinda misplaced the whole season because the shapes or colors don’t match me very nice, or atleast, I probably just think they don’t while the maybe do. Upcoming season, in one word: WOW! I just love the upcoming trends!!! I just can’t wait to fill my wardrobe with these amazing colors and prints! 

What I found was that pastel and sorbet colors will be IT, during the spring and summer. The colors have already been seen by Roberto Cavalli and Blumarine, combined with beige. Also colorful metallics as seen by Burberry will be one of the trends. For a nice example check: The Blonde Salad 🙂 

Some colors that will also be popular next season:

  • Different shades of Green
  • Different shades of Yellow
  • Icy shades like lightblue
  • Natural shades
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Cobaltblue
  • Pink
My personal favorite trends for the spring / summer season would be the animal prints, see-trough fabrics, bouclé (probably best known from Chanel), etnic prints (for example mayan prints), Japanese kimono as seen by for example prada, the pastel colors and the water colors.

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Raja Ampat: Paradise on Earth

Hi readers & followers! 

Today I want to share some long promised pictures with you all… 
A while ago I promised to show you my holiday pictures of Raja Ampat, Bali & Jakarta. And now here they are… I finally organized all my pictures so I would like to start with the Raja Ampat photographs. 

Raja Ampat is like paradise on earth.  So enjoy watching the photo’s!
I certainly enjoy looking back! 🙂


Instagram 2012

Hello dear followers,

Since already one month of 2013 has gone by I would like to share with you my highlights of 2012 in Instagram Pictures. Therefore I made a nice, 4 x 4 overview for you all with for me, the best instagram foto’s I posted online last year.




Hi all,

As you might have known, in Europe it is snowing in a lot of countries, also in the Netherlands.
And my town was blessed with such a lovely amount of white magical snow! So yesterday I went outside for about an hour to make some lovely pictures with my boyfriend and he also took some very nice pictures of me in my humble opinion.

So here they are!

Enjoy! xoxo

| Scarf: V&D | Coat with fur collar: Calvin Klein |
| Pantalon: SuperTrash | Boots: UGG Australia| 

Hello dearest followers and new readers, 

Since one of my resolutions is to keep this blog more up to date I should start immediatly don’t you think? For today I want to show you all a little bit around my home. Since november I’ve been living with my boyfriend in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. One of the things that was a priority for me was my closet, since from my 10th I had this small closet with not enough space haha.

Enjoy watching the pictures of my home sweet home! Soon some outfit posts will follow! 

xoxo Saranda Suzanna Adriana

My side of the desk, MANGO jacket over my chair: Bouclé Jack

Our first Chrismas tree, tomorrow it will be gone.
Our bed, with Essenza duvet quilt.

On the left the closet, it’s so perfect!!
My heels collection, not so big but for now it’s enough.