Instagram weekly #14, thesis time

Hi all, it’s time for another Instagram update! 

Again I have been so busy the last week, all of a sudden a HUGE deadline was creeping closer and I knew I needed to work my butt of this week! Lucky me, on friday I heard my personal deadline wasn’t so huge after all, so yeah I did had some time for relaxation. Although it wasn’t much… Today is deadline day and I am really busy writing the last chapters so I can hand the work in this evening. 

Tomorrow will be a day of relaxation! Finally, 100% stress-free for a day! 
Enjoy my instagram weekly! 


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From left to right:

1. Selfie in the train back to Eindhoven after a nice evening at Mode Feestje & La Mode in Rotterdam! On this evening I met such a sweet fellow blogger! Check out her blog: Kotton-Kandy! The evening was very lovely and it was really a pleasure to be able to visit these events!

2. My succulent, one of the best growing plants in my apartment haha.

3. My bullboxer shoes. I bought this two years back and they still look so good! I really love these heels. I should really wear these more often I think…

4. Viproom Rotterdam, checking out the La Moda kick-off party with Deniece from Kotton Kandy. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay that long because I had a train to catch! Yes the one where I am sitting in at photo 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Shopping for huge houseplants and not finding one that was big enough! I do liked this plants a lot and I still want them but I have no place to put this plant… Help me out, where would you put a plant like this? In my opinion it’s too small to place on the floor and slightly too big to place on the saloontable… 

6. Funny selfieshoot with my boyfriend.

7. From where I stand, waiting for the train at Rotterdam Centraal. Wearing my new favorite DL1961 jeans and my Zara studded heels.

8. Homemade frozen strawberry juice! Healthy and yummie! Recipe: handfull of frozen strawberries, 2 teaspoons of brownsugar and a small glass of water. Blending and voila!

9. Nailswatch Essence Season of Extremes, 04. Just the nude of use. 

My name…

Found some cool story about my name which I wanted to share with you all:ย 
“What does Saranda mean?”
About my name, it’s kinda special… not to brag about it, it just is haha. The story about how my parents named me is also special in my opinion. They saw a birth card of another girl who was born in the same hospital, I never ran into her funny enough haha (maybe as baby’s?). And my parents liked the name so much they named me Saranda as well, yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ But the meaning of my name is kinda bizar… Read along:
“[ syll. sa-ran-da, sar-a-nda ] The baby girl name Saranda is pronounced SAERahNDah โ€ . Saranda’s language of origin is Old Greek and it is predominantly used in Albanian. It is literally from the word saranda which is of the meaning ‘forty’. The first name is derived from the place name of the district of Sarandรซ in Albania, itself from the Greek phrase ‘Agioi Saranda’ meaning ‘Forty Saints’. A variation of Saranda is Sarandรซ (Albanian).”
So, translated to Old Greek my name means forty (40). By a miracle I was born on 4 october, 04-10, 4 times 10 = 40. Strange huh? It was meant to be I think! Serendipity in a way! And I must say, I love my name <3

Instagram #13, busy busy busy

Hello there sweet followers! 

Damn I am so busy these days! The easter days where just overbooked with things to do and  now I have one HUGE thesis deadline for tuesday next week. So it will be some amazingly hard work and there is a big chance I don’t get to update my blog each day…. 

I will try though! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

So I do have some outfit shots waiting to be posted but for now, I will share my instagram shots from last week with you all ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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From left to right:

1. Easter breakfast with my boyfriend: kaiser rolls / fruit / chocolat fondue / boiled egg / tea! This breakfast was so lovely! Only bad thing was the chocolat from a chocolat letter didn’t melt as I hoped it did haha. Better next time! I also like the fact that the breakfast was mostly healthy, since I am trying to really eat more healthy to become totally fit for summer… I really am lagging with my INSANITY program btw…

2. My easter nails, minty/turquoise and peachy… Brands nailpolish HEMA (dutch), Catrice and P2

3. A simple pizza margarita with freshly baked mushrooms (I LOVE MUSHROOMS!) and tomatoes, yummm! Not really very healthy though…. Oops ๐Ÿ˜€

4. Selfie of my easter outfit! H&M shirt, Esprit jeans. And a part of my bedroom in the background haha

5. Tulips! On saturday me and my boyfriend went shopping for some items for in our appartment and when we went to this DIYstore we got these tulips for free! Yay <3

6. From where I stand selfie, my easter outfit same is in picture 4 and my black studded heels from the Zara ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Selfie walking out of the elevator with my boyfriend behind me very busy with his phone or something haha. Ready to battle the cold cold wind while cycling too the trainstation as fast as we could, yes we made it on time by the way!

8. My lucky box, long long time ago I bought this in Greece, Corfu and I loved it ever since! The box should bring luck to the one who owns the box and lately I have been kind of lucky… Now lets hope it will also bring me luck concerning my thesis deadlines haha

9. Lollipop from the circus last tuesday, so sweet, so tasty but sooooo bad… Too much sugar!

Instagram Weekly #12

As promised in the Mellow Yellow post from yesterday I was going to tell you something more about tuesday! 

Since I have been living in Eindhoven I don’t get to see some of my friends that much anymore because of the travelling time, busy lives (working / studying). So when my friends invited me to go on a chocolat fondue date ofcourse I said yes! 

Friends + nice Italian gelateria/cafe + chocolat + icecream & fruit = best relaxation ever!

In Delft on one of the biggest marketsquares in Europe: me with hot starbucks tea / the new church / the  city hall / the Italian Gelateria and cafe Otelli.

We really had a lot of fun and a lot of chocolat hihi! It was really great catching up, next time probably will be a hightea date, I love tea! <3 Besides the chocolat fondue date with my (old) besties I also went to the Dutch National Circus in Maastricht, really the other side of Holland actually so that was a long long trainride. Really worth it though, I do not like clowns but I do like Acrobatics and Gymnastics acts. 

Overal, the day was great but very hectic! I even went running into the Sephora in Rotterdam to check out if I could still score some lovely items but unfortunately there was nothing left of my taste… 

From left to right: Selfie with my newest pride my DL1961 jeans / My guess wallet with Pan de Vida gifts (Pan de Vida is a foundation for Peruvian orphans which my grandparents are really involved in) / My Sephora collection with my older items and my newest items / Starbucks Jasmin Orange tea / Catrice nailswatch ‘The pinky and the brain’ / Shot from my latest outfit post.

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