G’night & don’t forget…

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Burberry the Beat giveaway!!!!

Besides that I want to tell you that soon Google Reader will shut down, so if you want to keep up to date I would suggest you also follow me on Bloglovin’, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So you won’t ever miss one of my blogposts again! Oh and by the way, this really is no joke. Google Reader will shut down the end of june and today I actually had a taste of life without Google Reader, it just sucks (oops sorry for my language) to not be able to see all the blogs you follow, so that’s why you should use Bloglovin’! 

Hope I can count on you! More on the blog tomorrow!!     

Ciao, Saranda

Instagram Weekly #18

Hi all, 

Another week has flown by so guess what, it’s time for a new Instagram weekly!! Last week I have celebrated Queensday and I have attended a very nice event from CoolCat! In this post you will get the chance to have a peek in my life through Instagram photo’s. Hope you all enjoy it! 


From left to right top to bottom:
1. Selfish in the train to the CoolCat bloggers event! I was so excited haha
2. She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten.
3. Book to prepare for my entrance exam to the Master Forensics, Criminology and Law at the University of Maastricht. 
4. Maxima’s royal blue dress and cape designed by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, don’t you love that dress?
5. Together with Dutch fashion blogger Chloe Sterk from Fashionista Chloe! So nice to have met her in real life! Check out her blog on www.chloesterk.nl
6. Colorful cupcakes at the CoolCat bloggers event! Have you already seen the blogpost about this event? If not check it out here!
7. The vondelpark in Amsterdam after the Nike Training Club work out!
8. The view in the vondelkerk in Amsterdam while taking a short rest during the extremely exhausting work out! Haha
9.Latest outfit post wearing my MANGO pants and STYLIGHT tote bag.

Do you know, that YOU are BEAUTIFUL?

Saw this great video from DOVE this morning and I almost teared up…
It’s just incredible to see how woman don’t know they are beautiful while others do see that beauty.

Check out the video:

What do you think of this amazing video? 

Do you sometimes or maybe even most of the time feel like you are not beautiful? You are beautiful! 
I’m sometimes very insecure about my appearance, which I think everyone is sometimes! 

Let this video learn you a lesson, you are beautiful! xoxo

PS: just found out you can compliment your friends with a DOVE facebook App 

To my dear followers….

When I started blogging I could only hope for comments and followers.
By now I know my posts with their pictures and text will be looked at, will be read by people, will maybe even inspire people!

For me it’s a miracle to have followers, people who like me and are interested in what I do,
what I hope to do, what I love and what I like. I would like to thank, every single one of you lovely people for following me. And I would also like to thank every single visitor my blog has, whether you comment on one of my post or not. If you leave a comment, great, thank you so much!

Everything I hear from you all gives me new ideas, keeps me going on, keeps me blogging on this little place in cyberspace that I own and have began to love.

I would love to meet every single one of the bloggers I follow, the bloggers and people I follow. Unfortunately I know this is as good as impossible, but maybe if I am lucky or if by coincidence I ran into some of you, knowing there is a connection, that would be amazing! 

Since I don’t have any relations with brands or something yet I can’t give you a fancy discount at an amazing online store or what so ever. I do am working on my network and will soon change my lay-out so my blog will get more professional. 

For now I am just working on hosting my first giveaway. I don’t know when, I don’t know what, but I think it will be here soon! 

Thank you all SOOO much for following, commenting and passing by.
Because of you I kept on blogging after a year with minimal views/comments and for you girls and guys (also for my own pleasure and fun of course) I will continue blogging! 

Love to all of you! Hugs, Saranda @ Sarandipity

Instagram weekly #14, thesis time

Hi all, it’s time for another Instagram update! 

Again I have been so busy the last week, all of a sudden a HUGE deadline was creeping closer and I knew I needed to work my butt of this week! Lucky me, on friday I heard my personal deadline wasn’t so huge after all, so yeah I did had some time for relaxation. Although it wasn’t much… Today is deadline day and I am really busy writing the last chapters so I can hand the work in this evening. 

Tomorrow will be a day of relaxation! Finally, 100% stress-free for a day! 
Enjoy my instagram weekly! 


PS: check out my STYLIGHT board: “It’s the year of spring” 

From left to right:

1. Selfie in the train back to Eindhoven after a nice evening at Mode Feestje & La Mode in Rotterdam! On this evening I met such a sweet fellow blogger! Check out her blog: Kotton-Kandy! The evening was very lovely and it was really a pleasure to be able to visit these events!

2. My succulent, one of the best growing plants in my apartment haha.

3. My bullboxer shoes. I bought this two years back and they still look so good! I really love these heels. I should really wear these more often I think…

4. Viproom Rotterdam, checking out the La Moda kick-off party with Deniece from Kotton Kandy. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay that long because I had a train to catch! Yes the one where I am sitting in at photo 1 ๐Ÿ˜‰

5. Shopping for huge houseplants and not finding one that was big enough! I do liked this plants a lot and I still want them but I have no place to put this plant… Help me out, where would you put a plant like this? In my opinion it’s too small to place on the floor and slightly too big to place on the saloontable… 

6. Funny selfieshoot with my boyfriend.

7. From where I stand, waiting for the train at Rotterdam Centraal. Wearing my new favorite DL1961 jeans and my Zara studded heels.

8. Homemade frozen strawberry juice! Healthy and yummie! Recipe: handfull of frozen strawberries, 2 teaspoons of brownsugar and a small glass of water. Blending and voila!

9. Nailswatch Essence Season of Extremes, 04. Just the nude of use.