Friday favorites #1: blog reads

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Hi there, it’s Friday already and also time for a new blogpost. Today I would like to introduce a new topic in on my blog. My Friday favorites. Starting with favorite blog reads!

From fellow bloggers, favorite blog reads, favorite instagram accounts to follow, favorite products, you name it 😉

I am kicking of with some of my favorite blog read from this week. Starting with the blogpost from my dear friend Dagmar who went to Vlieland and took this picture of the rules of the beach! I love it! Seems like she had a lot of fun and enjoyed her self! Check out the full article on her blog: By Dagmar Valerie

Read on for some more favorites!

Wednesday’s Pinspiration #9

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Happy Wednesday!

It’s the middle of the week so time for some lovely inspiration to get you through the last three working days! Today my Wednesdays Pinspiration article is very bohemian chic. I have always loved fashion with a story and a background. For example the Mi Pacha shoes Mochila bags from My Mochila by Isabelli! <3 I love that ethnic fashion is easy to combine with basic outfits, other ethnic fashion trends and that is mostly super colorful. The collage you can see above shows how you can easily match boho chic items with Indian style bracelets, Colombian Mochila’s and Ibiza style hairbands. Woven items, silver embellished jewelry, lace, feathers, dreamcatchers and leather make a great combination.  Wearing some of this bohemian items you can make every outfit festival and summer ready! I know for sure that I have found a new love in boho fashion, and how about you?

xoxo Saranda

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

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Happy & healthy Wednesday,
how are you all doing? Big news, ah well not really but I am proud of it, I finally went to the gym again last week. Since I suffer a lot from headaches and neck paines I decided: “NO MORE”. I won’t let this stuff control me anymore and I will take back control. I am pretty happy with my body and no I do not think I need to lose weight, but I do want to get in shape and get more healthy.  So that’s why I decided to dedicate this Wednesday’s Pinspiration post to #fitspo 😉 Cool fitness and health inspiration that might get you inspired as well if you still need that extra push!  I believe that going to the gym might suck sometimes, for example when it’s raining heavily but you still have to / want to go and you can only go by bicycle (not at all something I experienced last week ;)) but hard work pays of. Trust me if I am telling you that you will do your precious body a HUGE favor by keeping it healthy and strong. Personally I will try to strenghten my back, neck and shoulders but while I am already there I will also focus on my core and my knees and legs. At the moment I don’t have specific goals yet since I am already pretty proud of the fact that I am going and so I bought two stunning sport bra’s from Nike (the ones from the #fitspo collage). Cute sportswear like this just make me want to hit the gym again a.s.a.p when these two come in! How about you guys, do you do fitness, yoga or something else? Let me know in a comment and have a nice day!!
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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #8

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Hi everyone,

Sometimes weeks go by so quickly because it is Wednesday already! While I was working on this new Pinspiration post I found some gorgeous fashion items online. And while I am trying to get my closet a bit more cohesive with a sort of red line I think I will fail big time haha. These items are not really a good fit with all the things I already have in my wardrobe, BUT… I do love these items a lot. The stunning ADIDAS x the Farm company jackets, the dress with Hawaiian dolls, the pineapple and the sporty Nike Roshe run <3 All of the things above are colorful, fun, fruity, floral, and mostly, perfect for the summer season! I really really love them.  These colorful items also give me a huge peptalk concerning my mood and really give me some new inspiration. Who would not want to wear fancy items like these and even blogging about and looking at these pictures makes me smile haha.  But now I need your advice… Option one is: Just go for it and get those pretty items asap! Or I can go for option two which is: I would stick to creating more of a cohesive wardrobe. Well I am very curious to find out your opinion 🙂  Ciao!!

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Music Monday #1

Good morning lovely followers,

Today I woke up and realized I did not yet have a blogpost planned for you for today. But as soon as I heard one of my favorite songs I knew what to share with you today: my favorite songs of this moment.

Last weekend I went to a festival hosted by DJ Bakermat (from the song ‘One dag (Vandaag)’) and I loved it… At the moment deep house is my favorite music to listen to. Just because it’s super relaxing, a nice chill beat and oh let’s not forget the happy and amazing saxophones tunes. I have always loved music and music can always cheer me up. Deep house cheers me up, but let’s me relax as well. During the Kingsday party last weekend I did some dancing, chilling, listening, enjoying the sun and some more dancing. It was a lovely way to go out and the perfect festival for me to go to during Kingsday.

For now, let’s say goodbye to the Monday blues and listen to a nice diverse couple of my favorite songs at the moment.

Happy Monday loves <3

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