Wednesday’s Pinspiration #13


Ciao ragazzi,

It’s time for a new Wednesday’s Pinspiration which today is all about amazing streetstyle bags! I spotted some amazing ones in Milano which I will share with you later but on Pinterest I found some gorgeous pictures as well!

As I believe in accessorizing and the fact that one accessory can transform a simple look into something gorgeous I just had to share these inspirational looks! My favorite bags are the Chanel Matruschka purse and the white Rocco bag from Alexander Wang! The first one is just gorgeous and a huge eye catcher, while the second one has tiny special details. The second one would probably look gorgeous with almost every outfit…

I am wondering though, how much is a designer bag truly worth? I never really fell for brand names, but now I notice how I adore some fashion houses and their particular style. For example I used to totally have nothing with Gucci, still I am no fan of big logo advertising on your bags / wallet / clothes… But after visiting their museum in Firenze and learning more about the history of the brand I now understand why a certain brand can be attractive. Lucky me, or not really, I can’t afford my favorite Gucci bag just yet. So I came home with only a Gucci paper shopping bag and some Gucci sugar haha.

Tell me, what is your favorite bag of the collage above? And how about your all time favorite designer bag / must have bag to spice up an everyday look?

Let me know in a comment!


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Friday favorites – Youtube videos

Hi dearies!!

As I am having a long weekend of relaxation at my parents place (Cat & home sitting if you will) I am totally in the mood to watch cool videos, series, and movies. So for this Friday favorites I have decided to focus on (youtube) videos!

First up is the video from Topshop presenting their new campaign girl / chick / babe for their new Autumn Winter collection. The video titled “It’s Cara” shows the fun and beautiful Cara Delevingne being herself, nothing more or less, while showing us some of Topshops new A/W items as well. This video made me laugh a lot and it really is a video that can cheer you up as well. Cara is just such a fun personality to watch! I love that she’s crazy and that Topshop wanted her to be herself in their campaign! What do you think of my first Friday Favorite??

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #12

fashion week pinspiration pinterest inspiration sarandipity
Hi dearies,

The fashion week season is coming up and I can not wait for this seasons Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. So far I already have a couple invites for 2 super cool shows which I am really looking forward to! I also joined this competition from Vita Coco to become their Fashion Reporter at MBFWA and I am keeping my fingers crossed in the hope of getting this huge opportunity!

Becoming a Vita Coco fashion reporter would really be amazing because you will even get backstage access and I will be able to use all of the skills that I learned during the Grazia & Fontys Fashion journalism course!! ^^

So today I made this Pinspiration board for you guys with some of my fashion week inspiration. My favorite photo from this collage must be the girl with the Kenzo sweater! I love her styling, it’s just perfect!

Besides that I am still craving a designer bag, for example this Candy bag from Furla or maybe one from Mulberry. I just don’t know yet, we will see. I might be dropping by the Roermond designer outlet in Holland soon to check out their SALE prices! ^^

What are your current inspirations? 🙂


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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #11

italy travel language italian lifestyle learn grow adventure enjoy blog

Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday means time for a short break to regain some energy and inspiration! Today the Pinspiration is all about my plans for this summer! I would love to and probably will go to Italy to learn the Italian language! You might have already spotted the Florence or Milan question several times on my blog or on my social media but I think I pretty much made up my mind.

I guess, Florence it is! But hey, nothing is decided yet. I still need to arrange everything and I am also still doubting whether or not I will also go to Milan for a couple of days to a week. As a fashion blogger I would love to be able to be there when it’s Fashion Week.

Besides that I really want the weeks I am going there to be a big adventure! I think adventures indeed are the best way to learn since you are on your own, in a different country, meeting new people, learning a new language and above all I think you grow as a person and also on a professional level.

In 2012 I went to Indonesia to teach in a summer school and that holiday I did not only learn the kids over there something, I also learned a lot myself and I think since then I have grown a lot as a person. During the summer it’s the perfect time to work on this you really love and so these are my summer plans so far. Going to absorb the Italian language and culture. Maybe I will also go on an all pleasure vacation. Probably me and my boyfriend will go to Spain with our tent and have a mini roadtrip or something.. We’ll see 😉

What are your summer plans?

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Wednesday’s Pinspiration #10

summer inspiration bohotats beach waves bikinis shells fashion blog sarandipity

Hi everyone,

It’s super hot in Holland and in the mean time I am trying to blog as much as I can and trying to focus on my other responsibilities as well. As it’s Wednesday it’s time for a lovely summer pinspiration post. All about the sunny weather (with some rainy / stormy moments haha), the beach (oh I love going to the beach), gorgeous waves and more.

I love summer time as it’s a moment in which I feel free, free to take my time, to enjoy and to relax. Right now I do not yet have holiday plans but I might go on a Italian language course in Florence or Milan. Which city do you vote for, because I am in so much doubt haha. Let me know in a comment which would be your first choice!

Besides this plan I hope to go on a little roadtrip to Spain later this year, probably after the summer vacation. Just back to basics with my boyfriend, our tent and two large backpacks… What are your summer plans?

For the ultimate summer accessory I am currently in love with Bohotats! You can see one on the collage above and they come in much more different metallic tattoos as well. Check out the Summer Lookbook from Isabelli to see all of the products!

Have a lovely day! xoxo

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