Long time no see

My dearest followers!

I missed you all! My thesis is finally done and I did my entrance exam for the Master Forensics, Criminology and Law at the university of Maastricht! I am done, I can relax again, FINALLY! And so, here I am to blog and spam your asses of this weekend with some great posts!

Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, I hope you’ll understand. 

I will start with an inspiration post! Enjoy lovelies!

Ciao <3 

Gary Pepper
And some really really inspirational things, if you need to relax or want to be creative again once your brain is empty because of your exams / thesis / whatever ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Hope you liked this post! 

Fashion Quote of the Day #FQOOTD #3

Hi my dear sweet followers! 

Today I would like to share a new Fashion Quote of the Day with you all! 
Since I am very busy I love to get inspired a bit by some great quotes! 

 Hope you like the quote!

 xoxo Saranda @ Sarandipity 

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Instagram Weekly #11

Time for an Instagram update!!! Some days I really need to find something to make a picture haha. Hope you like this two Instagram collages! 


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First collage, (from left to right, row for row) Jean Paul Gaultier mermaid dress detail; me skating, edited with the Catwang app; together with my boyfriend; leopard dress edited with Catwang; sunshine at morning is the best way to wake up; the Dutch VOGUE; print from the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition; selfie; David LaChapelle photo (also from the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition).

Second collage, 3 shots from the Jean Paul Gaultier exposition (dress detail/fragrance ad campaign/print with Taylor Swift look-a-like haha) and another selfie!