Fall wishlist so far


Primark Fall 2013/2014

Good afternoon lovely followers!!

After a lot of heat in Holland it has cooled down a bit and it even rained the whole day yesterday! So I started thinking about Autumn and Winter, which of course is already waiting to take over Summer… Which I totally do not like, dislike even, but hey you have got to be prepared, right? Time to check out some of the new collections, already in store actually at H&M, and the upcoming Primark collection! And I even saw a lot of things I love or just got to have, which is kinda weird since I am still in full-power summer mode haha. 

In this post you can see some of my wishlist items, so far of course because I haven’t yet checked out all the fall collections from my favorite stores / brands 😉 First I still want to enjoy summer as long as possible 😉 What do you think of my wishlist so far? Let me know in the comments!

Primark Fall 2013/2014

I really like the grungy look from the Primark collection, and as far as I have seen I would really like to buy all the items from this collection!! My favorites are the sweater from picture 1, the jacket from picture 2, the bag in photo 3 the total outfit from picture 4 and the red jacket from picture 5 🙂

And now some of the H&M items that are waiting in my shoppingcart to be ordered!

Skirt €19,95 @ H&M

Skinny Low Ankle Jeans €29,95 @ H&M
Kimono €24,95 @ H&M

I really love this H&M items, but concerning the sweat, I am still in doubt whether I am going to buy the grey or beige one haha. Any advice dear readers?? You can buy the sweater here for €19,95

Beaches and bikini’s


Bikini’s from Bikinibiza Love Me Do and Peace for Poppy €149,96 on Bikinibiza.com

Hi there!

After two days of working I feel the need to go to the beach rising every minute! It’s so hot, I mean really hot not just warm, in Holland! With tomorrow maybe even a temperature of 36 degrees celsius! Therefore, and since I have never done a blogpost about bikini’s, I am blogging about beaches and bikini’s today!

In this blogpost I will show you some of my favorite bikini’s from different brands and stores and besides that some lovely beach pictures! I hope you’ll like this post, please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Ciao and enjoy the sun as long as possible!!
Lovely Bunaken near Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia!

This bikini’s from H&M are lovely as well! I really like the bikini’s from H&M because you can order the top and the bottom apart from each other. This is great because a) you can now mix and match different styles and colors and because b) you can buy different sized tops and bottoms, which I am so happy about, YAY for H&M!

You can buy this two bikini sets at H&M.com. For set 1 click HERE and HERE and for set 2 click HERE and HERE.
Kuta Beach in Bali at sundown!

You can also find some great bikinis on Zalando.com! Check out these beauties!
If you are in love: Bruno Banani €54,95, Esprit €49,95, Maaji Midnight Cupcakes  €119,95

And now for my personal favorites! I am so in love with these two bikini’s from Dunnas and Bikinibiza!
The left bikini is from Dunnas, I really like the colors and design of this bikini! You can buy this one HERE. And the bikini on the right is from the lovely brand Bikinibiza, I really like their bikini’s because the designs are very variable and so stylish and original! You can buy this great bikini HERE!

I want to end this blogpost with this little paradise on earth picture! This lovely island is somewhere in Raja Ampat, near  West Papua, Indonesia and really is heaven on earth! If you ever going to visit Indonesia and you are going to back pack you should really go there!

What do you think of all this beaches and bikini’s?? 🙂

What to wear, during a heatwave?


Skirt €14,95 H&M, Top €9,99 Mango, Necklace €19,90 OASAP and Heels €29,99 Pull&Bear

Hi all, 

First I would like to thank all of you for supporting my blog! I have reached 200 followers and I am going to celebrate this! How??? Like my Facebook Page to find out bit by bit during the upcoming week! 🙂 So now for today’s blogpost, since the last heatwave in Holland just ‘ended’ but is still continuing in the South of Holland and for sure other countries in Europe, I felt it’s time for a what to wear blogpost. During a heatwave it’s pretty hot and you probably feel like jumping in your bikini’s and going to the beach. But what if you are going shopping or something else and you need to put on some clothes? Of course you go for shorts or a skirt combined with a nice top! Check out some of these nice summer looks for different occasions! The first look, which you can see above this text, is perfect for a night to the movies, cocktail bar or clubbing. 

Ciao lovely followers!!

Top €14,99 MANGO, Skirt €19,95 H&M, Bag €24,99 MANGO, Heels €10,- H&M, Bracelets €9,90 Forever21
This is a lovely summer outfit for when you need to go to work, very feminine, black and white with a pop of color. Besides suitable for work this outfit is also perfect for a dinner date.

And last not least three different looks with the same sandals from New Look, check them out here and see how you can match these beauties in multiple summer heatwave proof outfits!

Look 1: Top €12,99 MANGO, Short €10,- H&M
Look 2: Top €14,75 Forever21, Skirt €15,99 Pull&Bear 
Look 3: Top €5,99 Pull&Bear, Short €29,95 H&M

These looks are suitable for a day shopping, a festival, hanging with friends or when you are on holiday! 🙂 

What do you think of these looks?? 

New in, H&M Sale!


Hi everyone, 

This morning my H&M order arrived and I am so very happy with the items! I bought three things, two from the sale and one Online Exclusive item. All the items fit really well and are as good or even better than I expected!! So, first thing I bought was the lovely Kobalt Blue blazer you can see as the main image from this blogpost! The blazer is of great quality, very nice fabric and I just love the color! This blazer was only €10 in the H&M sale! 

Click on read more to view the other items I bought! And please let me know what you think!! xoxo

So in this picture you can see the Online Exclusive tee that I bought! I really like the nice print on the shirt and I really was in need of a simple white tee! 🙂 Perfect, right? This tee is sold online only for €9,95! 🙂

And last but not least, I bought these lovely leather sling backs! Sale price from €49,95 for €25! I already saw these heels when I was shopping for the perfect heels for my graduation but they didn’t have my size in store so I put them in my online shoppingbag ASAP and now I finally got them!! I really like the fabric from these heels and I also really like the fact that the heels are kind of cushioned so they feel, at least at the beginning haha, very comfortable! 

I will soon post an outfit with one of my new beauties! Stay tuned!! 

Musthave of the Month: July

Time for a new Musthave of the Month!!

Since it’s summer, and I love to spend my holidays elsewhere than in Holland I thought I should have musthaves that you maybe can also buy in a great holiday place… maybe an island?! And so I found this lovely bracelets, all the way from sun & party island Ibiza! 

This fancy armcandy’s are both named after famous Ibiza beaches, Cala Nova & Cala Conta! 
Both armcandy’s are sold for €23,95 at Mode Musthaves! 

Check out Mode Musthaves to buy them!