Event: POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam


Some of the ready made POM capes! <3

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce you to POM (Piece of Mine) Amsterdam! POM is a Dutch shawls and capes brand, based in yup Amsterdam. Last week I went to the POM blogger event where we actually got the change to DIY our own POM shawl! I loved a lot of the different shawls and capes so I had a little bit of trouble picking my fabric, pom-poms and leather lining, but in the end I am so very happy with my own personal POM shawl! ๐Ÿ™‚

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A SHAWL… I really liked this quote and story about POM… <3 As you can see we also had some lovely and above all, healthy, bites! Looking around a bit I saw a lot of lovely scarfs and really got some inspiration for my own POM shawl! 

I went for the Turquoise Wolf  fabric, in the picture above you can see it on the right. With the HUGE off-white pompoms you can see below, and brown leather at the largest side of the shawl for a little bit of extra luxurious feel. 

We also had the opportunity to try on other shawls, go into hair and make-up and get a photo from you with your new personal POM shawl! Too bad it took a while for my shawl to be made but I did make some more pictures. Unfortunately I don’t have the photo shoot results yet but I can already show you some instagram / iPhone shots ๐Ÿ™‚

The first picture, me and fellow blogger Wendy, I am so in love with the POM shawl I am wearing in this picture, after we got our hair done! Look how pretty we are?! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And in the second picture the result, my own personal POM shawl!!! <3

By the way, if you want more info about this cool dutch shawl brand, check out their website!! Hope you liked this report dear followers! xoxo

Event: Herome Cosmetics 31st birthday!

On monday I went on a very long long trip through Holland, from Eindhoven to Almere for the 31st birthday from Herome Cosmetics! Besides fashion I really think skincare and beauty stuff is a big part of the whole package. So secretly I have a nailpolish addiction haha, when I saw Herome was celebrating it’s 31st birthday I just had to be there! 

In this blogpost I will show the pictures I made and tell you a bit about the event! 

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The event was very well organized, at arrival you could see the brand logo and there were some lovely ladies asking for your confirmation email who told you a little about the event and gave you a glass of rose champagne with mint and raspberry, yumm! And the snacks where lovely as well, filled egg’s, wraps with salmon, crackers with tuna salad, you name it! 
At the event you could shop and get a manicure or some nailcare advice! Herome really has some lovely products for nailcare, for example the SOS nailrepair kit and the wonderpen! I can’t wait to try these products! For the shopping we got a HUGE discount from 50% off! Very bad for a nailpolish addict like me, but I decided to mostly buy nailcare products and only one polish, the glamour nail whitener! 

Look at all these amazing products: 
You could even buy the new limited edition Peaceful Finland W.I.C. polishes! I think they will hit the stores next week… I really loved the colors! 

And some of the other products on display: 

Besides nailpolishes and nailcare Herome also has a lot of products for your hands, creams, desinfecting gell and more. The slogan from Herome is: “Je handen zijn je visitekaartje” or in English: “Your hands are your business card” sounds strange but it’s true I think.
The entrance of the headquarters, this Herome building is the main Herome building and it’s not only office but laboratory and the warehouse! You could actually ask for specific products and the lovely staff would just go get it for you, really the best service I have ever had! ๐Ÿ™‚ The other two photo’s are made in the hallway of the building. 

As mentioned earlier I did some shopping! I will post a shoplog from the Double Beauty event a few weeks ago and about this event later this week! ๐Ÿ™‚ Stay tuned all! 

Much love <3 

Event: Showroom opening Double Beauty

Hi all, long time no see ๐Ÿ˜‰ … I know I have been blogging less lately and I am so sorry. I promise you all that I am coming back strong haha. There are a lot of nice articles ready to be published or in draft to be written! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have been quite busy with graduating lately and I can finally see, I am graduated!! 
Officially I am now a Bachelor of Applied Psychology, yay me! :”D So tomorrow you can expect a search for the right graduation dress post, besides the weekly tuesdays Instagram update. For now I want to show some pictures to you from a store opening I went to last week with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton Kandy! ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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The showroom opening from Double Beauty was very well organised, small, but great to get to meet the owners and to try the products they sell. You could do your nails, you could get visage and the girls where also available to style your hair! I loved the cozy feel of the opening and how open the girls from Double Beauty where to me and Deniece. 

Double Beauty sells a lot of different brands, for example Herome, Herome WIC, Everyday Minerals, Too Faced, Burt’s Bees, Bedhead, Geisha and soon they will even start their own skincare line with Monoi de Tahiti products ( I LOVE Monoi de Tahiti!!! <3 )

I really think the opening was a very nice and pampering experience! We got our nails done, my hair was styled and I went home with some lovely nailpolishes from WIC and a goodiebag!! Oh, before I forget… the Double Beauty showroom is based in Amsterdam at the Spaandammerstraat for the ones interested ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Event: Daring Designers the Catwalk Edition

Hi all, 

Last week I have been to an informative event with fellow blogger Deniece from Kotton-Kandy! The event was about runway shows and everything that has to do with these shows! 

Auteur Jorinde Tenten, via Pakhuis de Zwijger

A couple of famous Dutch fashion people, like the big boss from Amsterdam Fashion week Carlo Wijnands,the great fashion photographer Peter Stigter, the designer Claes Iversen and the creative manager behind iNDiViDUALS (made by students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute), where there to tell us and aspiring designers all about this. 

The event was at Pakhuis de Zwijger, a nice building next to het IJ, the big ass river in Amsterdam. The location was nice and everything was very well organized. 

Read on to learn a bit about what you need to know about runwayshows!


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Auteur Jorinde Tenten, via Pakhuis de Zwijger
As I said we where told (almost) everything that had to do with runway shows! Getting ready for the runwayshow and trying to make the runwayshow perfect is not only about fashion. You have to work with different disciplines to get the most out of the show! 

For example you will work with DJ’s or producers who will make a personalized tune for the runwayshow. And this actually is very, very important! The music in combination with the fashion, lights, environment makes or breaks the show. The music has to be just perfect, not to loud, not to wild, the music can not overrule the runway show, it has to represent the collection and let the collection come to life.

So, there has to be a match with the collection from the designer and the music, lights and the environment.

Some tips for designers to be: watch a lot of shows to get inspired, take your time, keep the collection and everything concerning the runwayshow in your own style and work with your guts. Said Joost van Bellen and Sander Stenger.

Claes Iversen told us to build the collection from the story you want to tell, and to communicatie very well with the team you are working with. Communication is all y’all. 

Kim Vos and Max Hitipeuw talked about the models, catwalk training and the choreo for the show. Individuals creative manager Peter Lefereing told us about how the collections from the students are produced, how the project for the students goes, and how they come up with a theme for the collection. For example the collection Jewels which was kind of dark and about the emotion the students felt. 

Concerning catwalk and fashion photography, one of the items I was the most interested in, Peter Stigter told us that the photographer always has to have a good moment. I think this can be really a challenge if I recall my own runway photography skills at Mode Feestje last two months ago haha. Peter stigter also told us about the difference between streetstyle photography (very international, trends, special or outstanding outfits) and frontrow photography. He also mentioned celebs as the face behind a collection, publicity for designers and brands and that runwayshows are actually just a way of marketing.