Sarandipity 2.0 is coming closer and closer!

Good evening dearies!

OMG I am soooo excited at the moment! Not only will the Holland -Argentina match start in a few minutes. It’s also almost the time to say goodbye to blogger and hop on the WordPress express for Sarandipity 2.0.

Right now my lay-out is almost finished, just some little things left to do. The biggest things I still need to do are fixing my old blogposts, which are a lot, I have actually already written around 450 blogposts, WOW! And besides that completing one of the things that are new on Sarandipity 2.0

So let me tell you a bit more about some of the new things on my new website!

Mostly I am super excited to be able to merge my passion and my professional live in a better way with my new website. There will be a page with my CV, portfolio and the possibility to connect with me on LinkedIn. Since I am still looking for the dream job / and possibilities to become a freelance fashion journalist I hope this will give my fashion career a boost.

Transfering my blog to WordPress does mean that you won’t be able to follow me through Google Friend Connect anymore. If you did not follow me on Bloglovin already this would be the time to also start following Sarandipity on Bloglovin 🙂

Having said this, I will now be working on my new website again!
Besides fixing the last things I will also start writing new exciting content for you.

Stay tuned dear followers!!

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Personal: Sarandipity 2.0 coming your way!

sarandipity fashion lifestyle blog dutch blogger my mochila isabelli colombian boho chic

Hi dearies,

Today I want to tell you a bit more about the secret / for some not so secret project I am working on. I have been blogging seriously on Sarandipity for around 1.5 years now and I felt the need to change things up a bit.

So I have been secretly working on Sarandipity 2.0 now and it’s coming your way pretty soon!

Let me give you a little bit of info about the new Sarandipity. First of all it will be even more me, you can expect not only fashion but also a little bit more lifestyle with a hint of travel and sometimes psychology as well. Because after all, I am an Applied Psychologist 😉

Sarandipity will get a more mature feel and will have a totally new lay-out! As I am moving to WordPress as well there will no longer be an option to follow me through Google Friend Connect… Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’ or through any other social media 🙂 (Just click one of the links below to do so). Although I am changing Sarandipity a bit, a lot will still be the same! You can still expect my blog to be mostly fashion oriented and there will still be around 2 to 3 outfits a week.

Of course I will keep you all updated about the progress. Should you have any questions, just ask and I will answer!


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Pretty please: Zalando Blogger Awards 2014

sarandipity zalando blogger awards 2014 amsterdam fashion week

Hi everyone,

Just a short blogpost this early morning. I want to ask you all for a favor, which I normally pretty much hate to do but hey, this would be so darn cool haha! You might have already seen some other bloggers who are nominated for the Zalando Blogger Awards. I am not going to say I am nominated, since I do not see it that way.. But… You can vote for me! And hell, I might win if everyone is going to help me. Personally I think my chances are pretty low but one can always try.

So here is the deal, by filling in a simple form on the Zalando website HERE, you can vote for me. Just copy & paste my url:, and leave your own info. By doing this you can even win €500 shopping money at Zalando yourself.

Cool right?

Pretty pretty please help me with a little bit of your time by voting and I would be forever grateful! Thank you all in advance!

Loads of love & kisses,

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Event: ilovefashionbloggers Q&A

ilovefashionbloggers Q&A Linda Tol Yara Michels Negin Mirsalehi

Good morning!

Last weekend I went back to Rotterdam for a super awesome event that I already told you about a while ago. It was finally time for the big ilovefashionbloggers Q&A event! I went up early and took the train to Rotterdam Centraal. During the trainride I had a lot of fun while chatting with fellow fashion blogger Lisa from LittleBlonde.

After arriving at the train station I met up with the lovely Nathalie and Joyce, as we would all be helping Jolique and May during the day we had to go quickly because we were running a bit late.

After arriving Nathalie and me immediately got set up to check out all the entree tickets and tell the arriving guests everything they needed to know 🙂

Join me and my blogger babes: ilovefashionbloggers Q&A

yara michels chapter friday this chicks got style negin mirsalehi linda tol
Hi everyone,

Last week has been so awesome and busy but it made me quite tired… Ah well, I am back, again! 😀 Today I want to tell you a little bit about a super cool event that will be held this month in Rotterdam.

ilovefashionbloggers, the platform I totally support and feel connected with, is hosting the first ever fashion blogger congress, the ilovefashionbloggers Q&A! YAY!!

Of course I do not know all the ins and outs but I can already tell you that this event will be BIG! Three internationally known top bloggers from the Netherlands; Yara Michels, Negin Mirsalehi and Linda Tol, will answer all of our questions (upload yours on the event facebook page) and will tell you everything about being a top blogger.

But ilovefashionblogger has more in store for us! Their will be a lot of awesome partners and of course no fashion event is complete without an interesting bag full of surprises 😉

The event will be hosted in the nhow hotel in Rotterdam on the 24th of May from 13:30 till 17:15. Hurry and get your tickets now before it’s too late!

ilovefashionbloggers event Q&A negin mirsalehi fashion blog bloggers


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