The best Christmas gifts for him – Time for presents!

best christmas gifts for him

Ciao dearies,

During the holiday period I have noticed a lot of people around me are thinking hard and deep. What to get for my boyfriend, husband, father or brother. Mankind is different from us women and sometimes it is hard to figure out what the hell they want. Well no more stress from now on! With this ‘The best Christmas gifts for him’ giftguide you will be ready in a jiffy 😉

So here it is some presents that never go out of style for our beloved men.

On number 1, a stylish and high quality umbrella! I have heard my boyfriend complaining many times about my easy and cheap umbrellas haha. Maybe it is time (okay it’s a big(!) investment) to get him a nice umbrella of his own. I found this umbrella from James Smith and Sons on the gentlemans journal, who also gives 4 other suggestions!

Read on to read the full Christmas gifts for him giftguide 🙂


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Second is a high quality shaving set. Of course you can also give him separate items but I have found out that the standard is necessary for the brush to drip and dry. There are a lot of choices with the sets, for example there are a lot of differences in the woodtypes and the type of razor. I found this particular brand on

Next up is a whiskey set. In case your man loves to drink his whiskey, bourbon or scotch in a fancy way a set like this is just awesome. Besides it looks very cool in your house as well!

Fun or expensive socks and boxers are also always good. It might seem a bit lame to give but he will use it and be very happy with it! In this categories the best items to pick are items from brands he really likes but finds them to expensive 😉

Fifth is this perfume from Valentino. I really love the smell but ofcourse every perfume can be placed here! Perfume is always good.

Than for the last two! A good jeans is always a good idea. And perfect timing, it is sale right now at jeans brand 7 For all mankind, a jeans brand with really good pairs of jeans! I have heard and read on Reddit, that some guys said that getting a 7FAM jeans  was the best gift their girlfriends has ever gotten them!

Last but not least you can never go wrong with a woolen scarf. After all it is winter! These lambswool scarfs which you can personalize with a handwritten message are super cute and comfy! You can get them here!

What do you think of my best Christmas gifts for him picks? Would you pick different items? And if so why? 😉