Personal: Saran-diary #2

Saran-diary #2

Ciao dearies,

Oh my this blogpost should have been published yesterday already… oops! You might be wondering what I have been up to this summer and I can tell you it is a lot! Not only have I been working at the store, I have also been on holiday to Texel and more!

Read all about it in todays Saran-diary #2 blogpost where I will try to catch up a bit and tell you what I did during the summer! 🙂

Let’s just start at the beginning. We had a lot of hot days early this summer and so I have spend a lot of days in the pool. When I got this hand-me-down-camera-from-my-dads-work I figured out it was waterproof and tested it underwater! Pure fun I can tell you! Of course I also went to fashion week, where I wore this totally french style outfit and I visited the modefabriek. Together with my boyfriend I went to Extrema Outdoor as I was invited by MAC and UPR. Ah well deserved day full of partying, yay!

At the end of July it was time to go to dutch island Texel 🙂


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Saran-diary #2

My Texel holiday started off with a lot of rain and wind. As soon as the weather got a bit better we went out and visited the beach and the lighthouse. It was a perfectly fun day with family! <3 On the other days we had a boat trip, rented electric scooter and went to the Seal Sanctuary Ecomare.

Saran-diary #2

More photos from Texel! At some point there was a sheep standing outside of our vacation home which was pretty weird… And for some reason the sheep was really loud as well haha. On the last day the weather was pretty good and I could finally walk in the waves a bit. Some of the selfie stick photoshoot results when we were on top of the lighthouse, don’t we seem like a cute family?! 😉

When on the beach you have to make outfit photos as well, and so I did. You can view the results HERE and HERE.

Saran-diary #2

Last month I saw a lot of my important friends. I saw my bestie Lara during her bachelorette party as she is going to marry this upcoming weekend!! I shot outfit photos with Britt in Amsterdam and I had late lunch in Utrecht with my babe Siham! Finally I also went to a very cool event from ECCO, which you can read about HERE.

What did you do all summer?!