Review: Polette Eyewear

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Ciao dearies,

What Saranda wearing glasses? Yup! Today I am telling you all about Polette Eyewear and this pair of E-glasses! Glasses to protect your eyes when looking at a screen from your computer / iPad / phone or your television.

About Polette
Inexpensive glasses in numerous designs, types of glass, sunglasses / normal glasses / e-glasses, you name it! Polette offers and extreme wide selection of frames and lenses for people who need glasses, people who wear glasses as a fashion accessory or for lovers of sunglasses.

Polette started their business in the summer of 2011 and since then their business has grown a lot. They try to de-monopolize the optics industry by offering quality for a good price. Which is possible because they have their own factories and do everything themselves. Trying to approach the optics industry in a different way is what sets Polette apart. You can pick a frame and select exactly which lenses you want with the frame. Colored lenses? No problem! Check out their website to view all the different options for glasses:*


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When I was browsing through the Polette webshop I just could not pick. I normally don’t wear glasses and I am more of a sunglasses girl but I thought, why not pick something different.

So when browsing I first made a selection of what I sort of wanted / was looking for. I found the website really easy to navigate through and so I found some really pretty glasses fairly quickly.

To pick the right frame for my face I tried the ‘try on this frame’ function which you can use at most of the different frames. It let’s you upload a picture of your face and you can place the glasses over your eyes to see how it looks. Very fun to do and useful, as you would not want to invest in a pair of glasses that doesn’t make you look good. Am I right?!

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In my search I really liked the Rubis B glasses. They seemed to fit my face the best. Lucky for me these glasses were also available in the E-Polette option. I like to think that when I wear glasses at least they are doing something for my sight, so trying out the E-Polette was something I really got excited about!

The E-Polette glasses protect your eyes from the blue light coming from various screens by the tinted polarized lenses. The polarized lenses act as a 40% filter and make the light from your screens look more natural. The idea behind the E-Polette glasses is that you will suffer less from migraines and eyestrain due to computer screens.

I have tried to see if the glasses make a big difference for me with headaches but so far, unfortunately, I have not yet noticed this getting better.
Maybe though, this is also because I am not wearing these E-glasses all the time. Plus, when I am having a headache or feeling one coming up I don’t wear the glasses because sometimes glasses can make my headaches worse…

What do you think of these Polette glasses and did you already know Polette?