Outfit recap – January 2015

OOTDrecap january dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana MBFWA Spirithoods Furla

Ciao dearies,

Oh my oh my, getting back my blogging rhythm is one hell of a challenge. I shot a lot of looks this month but did not post all of them yet as I am afraid to run out of OOTD’s again. And well, it’s pretty damn cold to shoot new ones ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today I want to share my outfits of January with you in an outfit recap. There are six, which is more than what I normally have so I am quiet proud of that! But besides OOTD posts there are also other blogposts that I want to start sharing again, like the (p)inspiration wednesday, the personal post on Monday and the Sunday Special… Although I think the last one should stay special and therefore it doesn’t have to be posted every Sunday, let me know if you think different about this! ๐Ÿ™‚

So for todays outfit recap I want to see which look was your favorite and why?! Which style do you like best and which look do you think fits me the most?? My personal favorites are number 3, 5 and 6 by the way, but don’t let yourself get biased by my own opinion as I would love to hear yours!


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OOTDrecap january dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana MBFWA Spirithoods Furla1

The first three looks of January with the last one being my absolute favorite, I love how it’s playful and looks grown up at the same time! I also think that I did not share these cute Tommy Hilfiger boots with you a lot, maybe one of two times earlier, while they definitely deserve the blog mention. Check out the full look for more pictures!ย 

The first look is actually my favorite everyday look lately, I love how my Nike wedge sneakers are super duper comfy and make me taller at the same time. Besides that this fluffy vest is a total musthave for this cold winter season and I love the leather jewelry I am wearing in this outfit. For more pictures click here ๐Ÿ™‚

My Zorro look, as I call the middle one is very boho chic and I love it, but just not as much as the last one. What’s your opinion on this look?

OOTDrecap january dutch fashion blogger sarandaadriana MBFWA Spirithoods Furla2

Than the last three looks, I am highly in doubt whether I like the second or third one best as these are looks that I would totally wear everyday if I could. The second look is the look I wore to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam (MBFWA) and features my favorite winter accessory: my SpiritHood. Check out more pictures of this look and let me know what you think…ย 

In the third look I am wearing my purchase from the Shoeby store opening in the Hague. I am in love with this Floral bomber jacket and you guys all seem to love the jacket as well. I think photography wise this look is one of the best looks I shot lately, check out all the other photos made my babe BrittaMaxime!

Last and I don’t know if this also means least is the look on the baby blue stairs. I loved the scenery, I am in love with the fluffy sweater and the Mulberrry bag (borrowed from Britt for the shoot) and I love that I look super tall in these photos. But I am just not quiet sure about this look and I think this is because of the midi skirt. The skirt does not fit well at the bottom as it is not stretchy / tight enough which makes it look a bit cheap in my own opinion… What do you think??

Would love to hear your opinion! Enjoy your weekend dearies <3