New Years plans – to do in 2015

New Years Resolutions to do 2015 sarandaadriana sarandipity fashion blog

Ciao dearies,

During these first couple of days of the new year you will most likely see a lot of different posts about New Years resolutions. For me this year it won’t be resolutions but plans. The plan to make dreams come true and to live how I want to live! So I made a To Do 2015 list with a couple of concrete plans and some things I just want to change a bit. Curious?!

After the read more button is my to do list for 2015!

What is on your to do list for 2015??


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Blog / Work 

– I am going to make my blog more professional by getting back into my old blogging rhythm. This will mean that you can expect a new blog each day and in a couple of days it will come online everyday on 07:00 Dutch time everyday. But, I will grant myself free days in the weekend, probably the Sundays, some times. Also I will share more outfits with you and I will become more active on Instagram and Facebook.

– I am going to register my blog as a company at the Chamber of Commerce. I will start with my own coaching & styling program, which I will probably call ‘Look Good / Feel Good’ and I will start doing freelance work as well. For example freelance writing, freelance styling and you will be able to hire me as someone to help you find your own style! Some options will also be available through online coaching / styling so I can help everyone who sends me an email, even if you are on the other side of the world! If you want to know more mail me at:

More about this later when I have developed this plan a bit more 🙂

– Besides my blog and own company I also want to make steps towards my dreamjob. Which still is writing for the Italian Vogue haha. This means I need to learn more about (fashion) journalism and I am planning to self teach through iTunesU. I will also apply for a very cool internship and I will keep looking for interesting opportunities.

– Last but not least, blogging wise, I am joining a fashion blog competition in a pretty big mall in Maastricht and I need your vote to win! Will you vote for me?! If I win and can continue the competition you will see more outfits with more up to date items, more shoplogs and thus a lot more inspiration! You can vote for me HERE


My personal plans are a bit more diverse and are less concrete as well. One of them is that I want to travel more, of course I would need a job to do this and well that part looks good from where I stand right now! There are also some plans for when Nodoka, a friend of mine from Japan, comes to Europe and I might join her for a little Citytrip or two! Some other things I want to do more is reading, and that also started pretty good! I already read a magazine from the front to the back and my parents got me a mini subscription to the Dutch Vogue (thanks mom & dad!!). The last thing I want to do more is enjoying this. I want to be able to relax more and let things come to me. I am going to do this, hopefully, by doing yoga and learning to think more positively. From now on I want both feet to be in the present and not one feet in the past and another in the future. Last but not least I want to feel more fit and I want to create my own bikini body. I already started with a program by Bret Contreras called Gluteal Goddess and so far it feels like a fun and good workout!

Another item from my personal To Do 2015 list is already been partially fulfilled. Me and my boyfriend will adopt a Bengal cat to live with us next week or the week after that! I can not wait to finally be able to take care of someone besides making tea for my boyfriend haha.