Insta-Sarandipity #4

instagram diary

Ciao dearies,

It’s time for a little personal update! Every Monday I try to post my Instagram diary or a personal update but sometimes I feel I have not much to show you or tell you. But today is an Instagram recap of how I spend my last days of 2014 and how I started 2015 (and that part is pretty hectic, I can tell you).

So a couple days I went to Valkenburg, which is in the south point of Holland, to see all the Christmas festivities there. Valkenburg is told to be one of the top 10 Christmas destinations according to CNN so we, my mom and me, were really curious! Well, the day was amazing! Valkenburg had a cute Christmas market in the town square and the caves were decorated and had a HUGE Christmas market inside!! It was amazing and everything had a really special atmosphere! We also went up the hill to the Wilhelmina tower and of course we visited the cave with the nativity in sand sculptures. In short, it was amazing and well worth our visit!! Photos 1,2,5,6, 7 and 9 are all from our day in Valkenburg.

On the first day of Christmas me and my boyfriend went to my family and we did some lego building! The result is this cool VW hippy van. We also had a very yummy dinner in a great grand café and afterwards we had a lot of fun making Christmas tree selfies with my niece’s selfiestick!


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Instagram diary

The second day of Christmas / boxing day we spend at home having a very delicious gourmet with fish and beef in the evening. The day after Christmas it started snowing, not just a bit, the whole south of the country was covered in a thick white blanket of crispy snow! Right on the day that I needed to go to Maastricht for a blogger battle. I styled the look you see in the second picture! Unfortunately I did not get enough votes so now I am out, mehh. On the day before NYE I shopped some magazines to start the new year with a bunch of inspiration, and I went to my parents place to make Dutch Oliebollen! Around new years I received 3 very tasty chocolat bars from Switserland, they are already gone now haha. Unfortunately I do not really have charming pictures of NYE haha but it was a great evening!

I have not been blogging regularly so far this year, but I did already show you my first look of 2015. From today on I am going to try to blog regularly again because last week I just had to much stuff to do. As I am still looking for my dream job it’s quiet hard for me to prioritize and make sure everything I need to do gets the same amount of attention from me. But I think from this week on I will manage. I regained some energy, I am more relaxed, and I feel that a really nice job in fashion is in reach now. I can not tell you to much as I don’t want to give you and myself false hope but I am pretty confident I will be alright. Well actually, I am sure about that!

So last week was really busy and this is because I had a lot of meetings. On Wednesday I spend my whole day in Amsterdam running from meeting to meeting, it was a really great day though as it turned out that all the meetings went great! Together with a couple of blogger babes, picture 9, I am working on a secret project and there will come some great things for my own blog as well.

Follow me and stay tuned to miss nothing of the excited things to come!