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Ciao dearies,

Today’s outfit is all about the hat, well and all the other pretty items of course, but the hat is the touch needed for this look to succeed. I put my hat on and when I do so I feel like a real lady. So ‘Hats up’, here is a bit more info about this boho-ladylike outfit!

Ever since I saw this fluffy H&M knit I needed to have it, but faith was working against me and so I actually had this same knitted sweater already for 4 times until I finally found one that was the right size and without defects. I decided to pair the long knit with my favorite faux leather leggings because well the combination just looks really pretty in my humble opinion. To add something special I went for ladylike and boho accessories such as the hat, jewelry, bag and of course the burgundy boots.

What I love about this look is that you can see the different styles coming together in the middle of the outfit. The top half is more lady like, feminine, mature and classy, while the bottom half, thanks to the boots in combination with the legging, is more boho. And well the knitted sweater is a little bit of both if you ask me.

The knitted sweater and faux leather leggings are both from H&M, as well as the wool hat, necklace from Primark, earrings from Zara, bracelets and ring from BLQE jewelry, velt bag from Otra-Parte and boots from Ecco.

I am so madly in love with this hat and the other accessories used in this outfit. What is your favorite accessory of this look?


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hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog4 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog2 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog5 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog6 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog7 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog3 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog8 hats up-outfit-ootd-hm-ecco-otraparte-blqe-bohemian-winter-sarandaadriana-sarandipity-dutch-fashion-blog1