Friday favorites – Youtube videos

Hi dearies!!

As I am having a long weekend of relaxation at my parents place (Cat & home sitting if you will) I am totally in the mood to watch cool videos, series, and movies. So for this Friday favorites I have decided to focus on (youtube) videos!

First up is the video from Topshop presenting their new campaign girl / chick / babe for their new Autumn Winter collection. The video titled “It’s Cara” shows the fun and beautiful Cara Delevingne being herself, nothing more or less, while showing us some of Topshops new A/W items as well. This video made me laugh a lot and it really is a video that can cheer you up as well. Cara is just such a fun personality to watch! I love that she’s crazy and that Topshop wanted her to be herself in their campaign! What do you think of my first Friday Favorite??

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Next up, a quick and funny interview from VOGUE with Blake Lively! In something like 6 minutes the interviewer gives the lovely Blake 73 questions and there is a lot of stuff happening as well! Check it out!

This video is from a youtube account I actually just discovered and I love how she is super open and honest with her followers. I really like her talk about confidence since I think this is such an important part of being happy! On monday I will tell you a bit more about this in a new Happy Challenge blogpost ^^

Last but not least, youtuber Jenn Im shares her July favorites with us in a fun way. I think her channel is really fun and I love her personality!

Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

Which one of these videos is your favorite?