I’m ready for the World Cup, and you?

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Good evening lovely followers,

A second post today, yay! Since the World Cup is starting within 2 hours (!) I needed to address this issue very quickly haha. To be honest, I am not that much of and orange kind of girl and as I am Dutch maybe that is weird haha.

Nevertheless I am ready for this World Cup! I still need to buy the Essence fan stift, since a flag on your cheek / arm / head / ankle is just fun. I also am hugely in love with the Holanda MIPACHA’s and the Isabelli webshop still has one mini Mochila left with a lot of orange in it (GO! And get it HERE). For my outfit I will be wearing my Supertrash Winning Ways dress / top / sweater, it’s a classic and I think it’s enough orange for my whole wardrobe haha.

So I must say one thing… I still have a little bit of a grudge thanks to the 2010 World Cup. Holland was in the final and we could have / should have won! Unfortunately it was a nasty game, from both teams (don’t get me wrong)… In my eyes, we should have become the World Champion, too bad we just did not haha.

Hopefully Holland will do good again this WC, I do have some doubts but being the underdog puts us in a nice position to surprise the world with our good football skills!

Let’s kick some ass! And may the best team win 😉

Doei! 😉

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