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Sometimes in your life you find yourself loving a brand so much that you actually would love to wear outfits totally wearing this brand. This happens to me a lot with H&M but since a couple of months I renewed my love relationship with Nike as well.

I have ‘loved’ Nike ever since my first pair of Nike Airmax 90BW when I was a little raver chick haha. When I saw the Nike Dunk Sky High secret wedge sneakers a couple of months ago it immediately was on top of my shoe wishlist. I finally found them a couple weeks ago and now I have even more Nike stuff! Yay 😀

Read on for my full story on my love for Nike!

xoxo Saranda

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Last week I bought some new sportswear like tights and sport bra’s. I found some gorgeous Nike items and so I ordered two Pro Bra’s and I bought a dri-fit ¾ tighs. All the items fit perfectly and in Dutch I would say that: “Het zit als gegoten… ;)” which means the same as “It fits like a glove…”

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I also found another pair of Nike sneakers which I loved and now my collection is almost complete haha. What I have from Nike right now (I probably have some more hidden gems I forgot about haha):
  • 1 old pair of Air Max classic 90BW
  • 1pair of Air Skyraider 2 (running shoes)
  • 1 pair of Dunk Sky High secret wedge sneakers
  • 1 pair of Air Max 1 Premium sneakers
  • 1 dri-fit running pants
  • 1 dri-fit ¾ tights2 Pro Bra’s
  • 1 Nike Training Club tee

But still I have some items on my wishlist haha. For example I would still love to have a Nike sports tank-top and some Nike shorts. The colors from the sportswear items are just so fun and happy. With sportswear like that you just want to hit the gym and wear your pretty new items haha. Here you can see some of my latest Nike buys 🙂

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Besides more sportswear there is still one pair of Nike sneakers missing. The Nike Roshe Run! They flexible soles of the Nike Roshe run are inspired by stepping stones from Zen gardens in Asia  and so these sneakers are super comfy. Besides that they are available in an enormous  amount of colors and fabrics.  Roshe runs are actually running shoes but they are also great to wear in a casual outfit.
nike roshe run sarandipity fashion blog


When I am looking at Nike Roshe Run’s I always check out Pro Shoes since they have a really nice collection with some great Roshe Run colors. For example the orange with purple swoosh or the turquoise with orange swoosh.

I do not know how I would style my Nike Roshe Run’s yet but I think I would like to wear it in a way that Amy Song from Song of Style styles her black Roshe run’s. Feminine, sporty and fierce!

Do you also have a lot of items from Nike and which items are still on your wishlist?

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