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Hi everyone,

Today I want to share something different with you all. For my blog I am on the road a lot since I live in Eindhoven and most of the fashion events are in Amsterdam. Now I really like playing games but I also like to be productive while I am on my way. I have a couple of different apps I really love because of their possibilities.

In this blogpost I will tell you something about my currently favorite apps, which are Couple, druppel, Showtracker, Skyscanner, Roamler, Duolingo, iTunes U and Bloglovin’.

Couple (free on iTunes) is an app I actually have since valentinesday. In Couple you can chat with your boyfriend, play a game called thumbkiss where both of your phones vibrate if you touch the same spot on your touchscreen, draw something together, make lists, share moments and more. A pretty cool app for you and your boyfriend! 😉

Druppel (free) is a Dutch app to check when and whether it is raining or sunny outside. Perfect when you are going home and don’t want to bike trough heavy rain. Just check out the app and try to wait untill the rain is getting less or when it stops. Go get some coffee or tea while you are waiting…


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Show tracker ($1,99). This app let’s you import the release dates of new episodes from your favorite shows or series. In a checklist way you can tell the app if you have already seen an episode or not. A must have if you watch too much tv series, like me haha, and you sometimes seem to lose track of whether you have already seen an episode or not.
Skyscanner (free), with this app you can search for the cheapest flights from all the airlines! If you love travel planning, even when you don’t know if you are actually going some where, you should really have this app on your phone.

Google Maps (also a must have especially with the April fools Pokémon feature haha), also the NS travelplanner and 9292OV are musthaves.

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Roamler (free) is an international app to do mystery visits, do cool assignments and make some money on the side as well. With the roamler app on your phone (which is available in more countries each day) you can visit shops and be a mystery shopper. Probably a job everyone would love to have some day. That’s why this app is super popular! When there are a lot of Roamlers in your area already you will need an invite to be able to do the assignments. You can get an invite through friends or on the internet by just asking around. In my opinion this app is super cool. While doing groceries you can always check if you can do an assignment while you are already in the particular store. Perfect! ^^

Duolingo is another free app and let’s you learn a lot of different languages. I use this language learning app to learn basic Italian! A great app if you want to learn a new language on a fun and easy way.

iTunes U, another learning app and free as well. This app lets you download lectures from universities all over the world on your iPhone or iPad. If you have always wanted to go to YALE for example, this is sort of your chance! Just download some courses you find really interesting and learn some new awesome things from the professors from YALE. When finishing a course I even suggest you write down this course as something to mention in future job interviews 😉

Last but definitely not least, Bloglovin’ (free). Us bloggers probably already know how awesome Bloglovin’ is to follow your favorite blogs. Being able to check out my favorite blogs on my mobile phone is awesome. I always have some cool new blogposts to read! ^^

Well, now I have told you a bit about my favorite apps.
But I am wondering, are their some amazing apps I am still missing?

Let me know in a comment below… 🙂