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Hi everyone,

Last week Dagmar tagged me in the Another Blogging tag. In this tag I will probably answer a lot of questions you might have. Have fun reading and let me know should you have any other questions left!
What would you like to change on your blog and what would you like to keep it the way it is?
For now I would like to keep most things the way it is. But I would love to post more often and also more outfits. My lay-out is pretty okay but I do think that it is time to change my header someday soon. Maybe something that represents my current style a little bit more.
What I would love to know: What would you like to see more often on my blog?
Are you the only one behind Sarandipity?

I am the only person working on the posts, social media et cetera. But I do have people who regularly make my outfit photos. Most of the times the photos are made by my boyfriend, Kelly from We Heart Fashion or Britt from BrittaMaxime.

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xoxo Saranda

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Which grade would you rate your own blog?

I would probably give my blog a 7,5. I am pretty happy with how everything is going, but I do have a feeling that I can make more out of my blog and I am willing to work for that.
Do you make money with your blog?
I can’t say that I make a living from blogging haha, but yes sometimes I make some money with my blog. To me blogging is not my job, but I would love to build towards blogging being a part of my own business. Although I do not earn a lot of money I do get products like clothing or sunglasses and I get a lot of pretty cool experiences thanks to blogging.
What do you see as a downside of blogging if you must pick something? Or: did you ever experience something less nice thanks to your blog?
Blogging so far has brought me only good things, amazing experiences and great friendships. So I have never experienced something bad about blogging and I would love to keep it that way haha. To me a downside of blogging would probably the fact that you should never, ever, ever leave your camera at home, no matter where you are going haha 😉

What makes you stick to reading a blog and when do you leave a blog?
Good photography is very essential to me when reading a blog since I am a very visual person. Besides that I love to get inspired from other bloggers, when that does not happy I will probably move on. Oh and inspiration can be about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, everything! 😉 Most of the times that I leave a blog it’s because there is too much going on. Imagine a website with a very noisy background, music that plays automatically, stuff like that. For me that just are too much stimuli at the same moment. No offense by the way haha 😉  
Did you get to know people thanks to your blog? If yes, who?
Yes! I have met some really great people thanks to my blog (you know who you are) and I am so grateful for getting to know them. I think I can honestly say that some of the people I have met have become some of the best friends I have ever had <3

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What do you think personal blogging? Where do you pay attention to concerning what you share on your blog?
I really like blogs with a personal touch and it’s nice to know a bit more about the people behind the blog. Blogging about your personal life can make you feel connected more to your readers and the other way around to the writer behind the blog. I try to keep my blog as personal as possible but of course I do not share everything like my address & personal email. I think it is important to keep a part of your life to yourself.

Do you think to keep on blogging for much longer and how would your blog develop itself according to you? When would you stop?
I think I will keep blogging for a very long time. My idea with this blog is to eventually transform it into something more, with the blog as center of my own business. What that is going to be? I am not sure yet but I do really like how Yara from This Chick’s Got Style transformed her blog into Chapter Friday. Her new platform is part of my morning ritual now haha 😉

Would you sell your blog or delete your blog in exchange for 50.000 euro’s / dollars?
Oooh this is a difficult question. Can I sell stocks and keep ownership? Then yes haha because 50k is a lot! But I would never delete my blog or sell it. I would miss blogging to much and I can’t imagine living without my blog anymore. But as I said in the question before this one, it’s possible eventually my blog will change.

What items or tools do you use for your blog?
The pictures on my blog are almost always made with my boyfriends Canon 650D with 50mm lens. Besides that I use my iPad when I am on the road and for at home I use my regular old desktop pc. I also try to always have a notebook in reach so I can write down ideas for my blog. And I have even more things I use, I have a blog calendar which I got from Stylight a while a go and I use Google Calendar and a regular agenda to keep track of meetings and stuff.

Well I really hope you liked this tag.
And don’t forget to let me know should you have more questions!

Have a lovely evening!