Event: Primark opening in Nijmegen


primark nijmegen press opening

Hi there!

Last week I was present at the opening of the Primark in Nijmegen. I woke up super (read: SUPER) early to go to Nijmegen since it would be a pretty long travelling time from my home. Although it was early I was wide awake and feeling excited! I was going to see a lot of friends and I knew I would have a very yummy breakfast as soon as I was in Nijmegen. But the most amazing thing of these openings? Everything is still where it should be, the store is clean, organized, a true shopping walhalla!

Around 9 o’clock I arrived at the destination and together with some lovely friends I waited in line for the doors to open. While waiting I already saw a lot of other blogger friends.

Believe me as I say that starting your work week with a bunch of friends, fun, food and shopping, you will be very happy that Monday’s exists haha. 

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primark spring summer 2014 pretty flowers

primark spring summer 2014 canvas bag cute
After entering the new and fresh Primark we got this cute canvas bag with in it a pressmemo, Primark DVD, the Spring / Summer Lookbook and a โ‚ฌ50 giftcard, yay! 

primark nijmegen press event opening breakfast donuts

primark nijmegen press event opening breakfast sandwhiches

Very yummy and complete breakfast with sandwhiches, bagels, donuts, muffin’s, fresh fruit, yoghurt and more! <3

primark nijmegen store shoes

primark nijmegen store

primark jewelry statement necklace coins bronze silver gold

primark jewelry statement necklace ibiza aztec trend

The brand new store and some very pretty statement necklaces! <3
You will see the second one very soon in a shoplog and / or outfit hihi.

primark opening nijmegen press bloggers shopping girlfriends

And last but not least two pictures made by others where you see me shopping with some of my lovely blogger friends! The first picture is from Dagmar, made by ??? from left to right: Lois, Dagmar, Me, Anne and Tineke. The second picture is made by Lois and you see me, Dagmar and Malou on the escalator: shopping!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see al these lovely girls again! <3