Visiting the Grazia Editorial Office


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Hi everyone, 

Today I am going to the office from Sanoma again for the sixth day of my course in Fashion Journalism! Only three more days, including today, to go… Wow. It’s awesome how much I have already learned but it’s kinda sad to know that I am getting near the end of the course.. I will for sure enjoy the next three course days to the fullest but for now I want to tell you a bit more about last weeks course. 

Since the course of Fashion Journalism is an initiative from Fontys and Grazia we got the opportunity to see the Editorial Office from the Dutch Grazia. Super awesome of course! We saw some very cool stuff, like the editorial wall where the spreads for the upcoming issues are being shown, this is top secret so I won’t tell you any details ;). Some of the editors told us a bit more about the wall and also something about how everything goes behind the scenes at Grazia. For example when big news is announced in celeb land just two days before publishing, it still needs to be in the magazine. Deadlines!! It’s so inspiring to know more about all the work that goes into the weekly magazine and I think it’s just amazing how hard everyone has to work. Thumbs up for that Grazia ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides seeing the Editorial Office we also spoke with a freelance stylists who was very busy with a shoot for an upcoming issue. She told us a whole lot of information about being a stylist and what she does. Can you imagine, receiving a box with clothes and something goes missing or there is not exactly the right amount of items in the box? Stressful! I don’t think I could handle the sweaty palms and palpitations I would get in those kind of situations haha. Being a stylist is so much more than dressing a model. It is a huge brainstorm session where you try to convert your idea to the best editorial shoot possible.

Last week at the Fashion Journalism course was very cool and inspiring, as you can probably tell. I loved the peek around the corner and I also loved it to see all those people working their butts of for something they are deeply passionate about. I might need some more inspiration and encouragement, but I am starting to think there might be a career in fashion for me. Have a lovely day everyone! 

Ciao, Saranda