Quote from Bill Cunningham


Photo credits to Micheal Dumler from On Abbot Kinney, original photo

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Happy Saturday! πŸ˜€

Thanks to the course Fashion Journalism I am watching diverse fashion documentaries and reading about some very meaningful people in the fashion industry. One of these is of course Anna Wintour and I loved being able to see about how she is of screen and how everything behind the scenes at VOGUE is… “The September Issue” really is a fashion documentary worth watching! It’s a must see actually if you would want to work in fashion! Bizarre how hard they need to work and it is super admirable! The documentary I will be watching this weekend is the one about Bill Cunningham. 

Bill is a great street photographer from New York and I think this documentary will be super inspiring as well. For now I found this quote from Bill and I think this is just true. Being able to dress the way you like and you feel good with is super important for human well-being. Plus, your outfit can change your mood but also has a lot of impact on the first impression you give others! You’ll probably recognize the feeling of being lazy in your PJ’s or Onesie the whole day, but when you take a shower and put on some normal clothes, you’ll just get more productive and less lazy! πŸ˜‰

Besides the quote I love the picture as well, Anna Wintour is telling Bill Cunningham a secret, apparently and I think it’s just wonderful to see how he is enjoying listening to her. 

Credits for the photo go to Micheal Dumler from On Abbot Kinney, a lovely photography blog with amazing streetstyle shots! You should definitely visit his website πŸ™‚  

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