Personal: Family portret photos


Hi all!

As I told you before, in this blogpost, I had a photoshoot together with my brother and boyfriend a while ago! During Christmas we finally gave my parents their gift, a photo of us three printed on Canvas! 

They were very happy with the result and so am I. I really like the pictures and today I will show you my favorites! I really like the old building where we shot the photos as well. It is actually the place my parents got married 26 years ago and it still looks very nice! What do you think of this photos??

PS: My mom is still waiting to see all of my favorites (since I don’t have them in high resolution yet) but I know she checks out my blog everyday so mom, I hope you like this ones as well! *mwah*


With my big little brother! ๐Ÿ™‚
With the love of my life! <3